What’s Going On With Cannabis Industry Licensing In The US?

By Tia Moskalenko

The United States offers a exclusive standpoint on the legality of cannabis. It is not however authorized on a federal level, and yet every single point out is permitted to legalize its use and creation to whatever stage they deem appropriate. This qualified prospects to a ton of confusion, gray areas, unequal enforcement of rules, and other issues.

Even so, there is a faint light noticeable at the conclude of the tunnel. General public view has been rapidly shifting towards the legalization of hashish and hemp. And even though lawmakers have a tendency to be extra conservative on the issue, they are ageing out of ability.

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In this post, we’ll get a deep dive into the licensing and legality of cannabis legislation. We’ll share what is occurring point out-by-condition, what the difficulties are, and how they are being prevail over.

Licensing Hashish in the United States

For the reason that there is no thorough regulation regarding the sale of hashish, licensing methods differ from point out to condition. Each state has its individual set of legislation that let the manufacturing and use of cannabis and hemp products and solutions at a differing degree — some have opened the door to recreational THC use, other individuals permit health care. Some make it possible for CBD, but not THC. Some let a single analog of THC, but not a further.

Owing to this lawful complexity, there is no official tutorial to licensing agencies by state… you just form of have to study for by yourself on an unique foundation. Nonetheless, being aware of this facts is particularly important for the really explanation it is difficult to find–because of the complexity driving licensing guidelines.

When buying a CBD or THC merchandise from a resource, as a shopper, you want to know that what you’re undertaking is reputable where by you now are. And if you are making an attempt to build a hashish enterprise, it is even extra significant. What can you increase, and how considerably? Can it be transported in excess of point out traces?

There are licenses that can be obtained for the two professional medical and recreational hashish, respectively. You need to know just where you program to create and sell so you are mindful of what guidelines may possibly pertain to your business. Some states aren’t even offering the prospect to use for licenses at the current time.

A Point out-by-Point out Manual

There are fifty states to get by way of, so we’ll team them very carefully by their recent authorized status. We’ll get a very little extra in-depth for the states that have much more troubles plaguing the licensing method.

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The Thoroughly Lawful States

In the subsequent states, cannabis is absolutely legal in all types for both of those medical and recreational reasons.

Alaska — apply on the net for a Marijuana Establishment License

Arizona — Arizona DHS accepts periodic purposes. Ought to be set up as a health-related dispensary

California — use to one particular of 3 condition licensing authorities dependent on variety (cultivator, retailer, and so forth.)

Colorado — you could implement for either a health-related or recreational license

Connecticut — state often awards licenses to candidates for health-related marijuana businesses



Massachusetts — you may perhaps implement by way of the Cannabis Regulate Fee



New Jersey* — not issuing licenses at this time

New Mexico — not currently accepting applications

New York — not at this time accepting purposes

Oregon — licenses might be used for by way of the Oregon Liquor Manage Fee

Vermont — not now awarding licenses

Washington — not at this time accepting apps.

Even in fully lawful states, licensing regulations fluctuate. In truth, in New Jersey, an unique may possibly not have any volume of developing seed or plant except they are certified as a cultivator. In Arizona, although recreational cannabis was legalized in 2020, they at present only license beneath point out professional medical marijuana clinics.

Colorado, on the other hand, has a point out web page that inbound links to an tremendous checklist of licensed operators, companies, cultivators, transporters, and other marketplace gamers. (3) Even within just the completely authorized parts, there are some fuzzy strains.

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Health care Lawful Marijuana States

Right here is a checklist of states that have legalized healthcare marijuana, but carry on to prosecute for recreational use:


Arkansas — use by way of Arkansas Medical Marijana Commission

Delaware — really limited

Florida — not at this time accepting licenses to manufacture health-related marijuana



Maine — hardly ever awarded, but you may apply to make a cannabis social club

Michigan — Division of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is at the moment using applicants for growers, transporters, processors, and safety compliance facilities.



South Dakota


West Virginia

Within these states, there is also a various yardstick for prosecution…while clinical hashish is lawful, leisure use ranges from jail time to misdemeanor infraction/fines. What also adjustments in just these parameters is how substantially and what form of item could be transported above condition traces.

For case in point, in the situation of Alabama it is unclear. There is no mentioned regulation a person way or the other, and hence it is risky to mess with. Other states like Arkansas allow for transportation of THC (however no specified amount) for medical reasons only. Also in Alabama, only licensed cultivators could have plants, while in other states like Florida, an personal might expand cannabis for health care functions.

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The Unlawful States

In the next states, there is tiny problem of legality or licensing all hashish is illegal.


Idaho *







North Carolina

South Carolina





And yet, even in these states exactly where hashish solutions are strictly unlawful, there are even now some gray places inside of the legislation.

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Idaho is one particular condition that has extremely minimal wiggle-home. Possession of hashish plants is a felony demand, and even CBD oil is not permitted to include additional than .1% THC. Although marijuana use is illegal in Ga as a complete, sure towns have decriminalized it — Atlanta, Clarkson, Forest Park, Savannah, South Fulton, Statesboro, and a couple of unincorporated counties.

Ironically Kentucky, a condition exactly where the two health care and leisure cannabis are unlawful, hemp is a big company. Kentucky is a substantial provider of industrial hemp for CBD extraction (CBD is lawful in Kentucky). Their legislation has no obviously stated prohibition versus the transportation of cannabis or hemp about state lines.

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THC Gray Region States

Ultimately, there are some states that can greatest be explained as “grey area” states. These states have complicated-to-parse laws that are unclear at finest.


Hawaii–unclear irrespective of whether much more licenses will be awarded by the state

Louisiana *–limited


Mississippi *

Minnesota–no licenses obtainable at this time


Nebraska *

New Hampshire–not at this time issuing licenses

Ohio–due to modern legalization of cannabis, demand is up and as a result much more licenses may be issued at this time.

Rhode Island–only accepts apps in the course of open periods.

North Carolina


Texas *

Wisconsin *

Some of these states are repeats, as hashish is either straight-up illegal or only medically legal. Nevertheless, they get a unique classification as the legislation pertaining to use, possession, or sales can be tremendous wonky.

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Some of these states operate additional toward the facet of leniency. This involves states like New Hampshire. They allow for health care cannabis and have decriminalized leisure marijuana, but only up to .75 oz. You can also expand crops, but only for medical use. Nebraska has decriminalized the use of marijuana also, but only for the initial offense.

In Louisiana, leisure cannabis is decriminalized up to 14 grams, and health care cannabis is lawful, but it is unlawful to grow your personal, even for healthcare functions.

The Bottom Line

So what does all this mean for the licensing approach for the hashish marketplace? Effectively, it’s time to look at for adjustments in state rules. Due to the fact of the popularity of legalization, quite a few states with minimal profits or unclear guidelines may perhaps be changing in the close to foreseeable future.

Take a search at the example of Ohio. Mainly because they not long ago opened up for healthcare cannabis, they are currently accepting significantly additional applications than a lot of states that have recognized legislation in favor of cannabis use. States that are closed for licenses may possibly be suddenly wide open up for enterprise if recreational use usually takes maintain in a previously illegal spot.

Like all fantastic business owners, it is very best to retain a finger on the pulse of developments. This might be particularly smart in states in which they appear to be on the cusp of legalization (authorized for health-related, decriminalized for recreation, for illustration). Prospects may await in these places.

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