USDA Report Values Hemp Market at $824 Million

The United States Office of Agriculture (USDA) introduced the accurate benefit of America’s hemp market—and the figures are telling. Hemp grown for flower, for instance, was substantially a lot more precious than hemp grown for industrial applications. On the other hand, production concentrations are down, as opposed to numbers collected in 2018.

The study also contained other nuggets of data, such as the point that hemp producers in the U.S. are predominantly male and that it’s tough to make a dwelling in the industry devoid of a side hustle.

The USDA’s Nationwide Agricultural Figures Service sought authorization from the White Residence in July 2021 to perform a study of about 20,000 hemp farmers to assist decide the industry’s dimension and demographics. 

On February 17, USDA’s Nationwide Agricultural Data Services (NASS) unveiled the results of the 2021 Hemp Acreage and Generation Survey in its National Hemp Report. The survey collected details for hemp grown “in the open” and hemp developed “under protection.”

Industrial hemp growers planted 54,152 whole acres for all applications, and 33,480 acres of people were being harvested. U.S. hemp production in the open up was valued $712 million in whole. Production of hemp that was developed below safety in the United States was valued at $112 million. The total spot of hemp fields underneath protection totaled 15.6 million sq. ft.

“The release of this landmark report gives a desired benchmark about hemp output to assist producers, regulatory agencies, point out governments, processors, and other critical marketplace entities,” said NASS Administrator Hubert Hamer. “Not only will these information guide USDA agencies in their assist of domestic hemp generation, the effects can also assist notify producers’ conclusions about rising, harvesting, and selling hemp as very well as the variety of hemp they come to a decision to produce. The survey final results might also effects coverage conclusions about the hemp field.” 

The 2021 Hemp Acreage and Production Study gathered a variety of data like the total planted and harvested location, yield, generation, and value. 

Hemp developed for flower was most beneficial compared to other industrial purposes—worth $623 million (of $712 million) in the open and $64.4 million (of $112 million) under defense.

“The USDA has performed a terrific job of responding to farmer issues, but there are particular challenges that have to be modified in the law to lessen the burdens on U.S. farmers,” Jonathan Miller, Common Counsel of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable instructed Superior Times.

The USDA also pointed out that hemp business growers are predominantly male, among other attributes. The survey identified that 82 per cent of hemp producers are male. They also found that 52 percent of respondents noted that farming is their key occupation—meaning only about half of them can maintain their livelihoods with out a facet hustle. The report also includes additional info about hemp producer features, which include decades operating a farm, age, and race.

NASS supplied the subsequent highlights of the report—divided up by hemp grown in the open up versus hemp developed beneath protection.

 U.S. totals for hemp developed in the open up in 2021 had been:

  • Floral hemp output was estimated at 19.7 million lbs used manufacturing totaled 15.7 million lbs. Place harvested for floral hemp was believed at 15,980 acres. The normal generate for floral hemp was believed at 1,235 kilos for each acre. The worth of floral hemp totaled $623 million.
  • Hemp grown for grain totaled 4.37 million kilos used manufacturing totaled 3.96 million lbs. Region harvested for hemp grown for grain was believed at 8,255 acres. The ordinary produce for hemp grown for grain was estimated at 530 kilos per acre. The benefit of hemp for grain totaled $5.99 million.
  • Hemp developed for fiber was approximated at 33.2 million kilos used generation totaled 27.6 million lbs .. Spot harvested for hemp developed for fiber was estimated at 12,690 acres. The common yield for hemp grown for fiber was believed at 2,620 kilos per acre. The price of hemp developed for fiber totaled $41.4 million.
  • Creation of hemp grown for seed was estimated at 1.86 million kilos used generation totaled 1.68 million lbs. Area harvested for hemp grown for seed was believed at 3,515 acres. The regular yield for hemp grown for seed was believed at 530 pounds for every acre. The value of hemp grown for seed totaled $41.5 million.

Broken down by utilization, U.S. totals for hemp grown underneath safety in 2021 have been:

  • Generation of hemp for transplants and clones totaled 20.2 million plants used generation totaled 18. million crops. The worth of hemp grown beneath safety for transplants and clones totaled $23.8 million.
  • Creation of floral hemp was estimated at 310,421 pounds utilized production totaled 256,124 kilos. The worth of floral hemp totaled $64.4 million.
  • Hemp developed for seed totaled 4,059 kilos used output totaled 3,121 kilos. The price of hemp grown for seed totaled $23.7 million.

For much more info, you can entry the total report on the NASS web page at Hemp info is also obtainable in NASS’s on line Quick Stats database. 

Info about the laws for expanding hemp in the United States is offered on the Agricultural Marketing and advertising Service’s Hemp Production webpage.