The Winners of The Cannabis Cup Massachusetts: People’s Choice Edition 2021

The cannabis cup is virtual this year—virtually brilliant, that is, with our People’s Selection Version building it doable to choose securely from the comfort of your residence. In this article are the well-deserved winners of the Hashish Cup Massachusetts: People’s Decision Edition 2021.

Thank you to all the judges who put their hearts and souls into judging the competition entries to aid crown the very best of Massachusetts! This is the very first-at any time Large Periods Hashish Cup to be held in “The Bay State” of Massachusetts. We cannot wait to return up coming 12 months!

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Indica Flower

Courtesy of Bountiful Farms

Very first Area: Bountiful Farms – Magic formula System

Massachusetts Courtesy of Northeast Options

Next Put: Northeast Alternate options – Runtz

Massachusetts Couresy of Rythm

Third Location: Rythm – Brownie Scout

Massachusetts Courtesy of Apothca

Fourth Spot: Apothca – Vanilla Gorilla

Massachusetts Courtesy of Trulieve

Fifth Position: Trulieve – Banana OG

Sativa Flower

Courtesy of Joyful Valley

Initial Position: Satisfied Valley – Tremendous Lemon Haze

Courtesy of Bountiful Farms

Second Place: Bountiful Farms – Piña Grande

Courtesy of Berkshire Roots

Third Area: Berkshire Roots – Orange Chemeleon

Courtesy of Rythm

Fourth Position: Rythm – Tahitian Punch

Courtesy of Apothca

Fifth Area: Apothca – Honolulu

Hybrid Flower

Courtesy of Delighted Valley

To start with Area: Joyful Valley – White Wedding ceremony

Courtesy of Northeast Alternate options

2nd Position: Northeast Alternate options – Ice Cream Gentleman

Courtesy of Nature’s Heritage

Third Place: Nature’s Heritage – Crescendo

Courtesy of Sira Naturals

Fourth Spot: Sira Naturals – Wedding ceremony Cake

Courtesy of Rev Clinics

Fifth Put: Rev Clinics – Gelato #33


Courtesy of Nova Farms

First Place: Nova Farms – Southie Sundaze Infused Blunt

Courtesy of Yamna

2nd Put: Yamna – Tropicanna Cookies Cannagar

Courtesy of Triple M

Third Position: Triple M – Triple Monster Infused Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Kush Mints

Fourth Location: Insa – Kush Mints Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Funky Monkey

Fifth Location: Funky Monkey – Tropic Truffle Monkey Bones Pre-Roll


Courtesy of Rythm

Very first Spot: Rythm – Energize Durban Are living Resin Sugar

Courtesy of Bountiful Farms

Second Location: Bountiful Farms – Garlic Juice Stay Rosin

Courtesy of Nova Farms

Third Area: Nova Farms – Southie Adams – GMO Reside Hash Rosin

Courtesy of Northeast Options

Fourth Place: Northeast Options – Tangerine Cookies OG Diamonds

Courtesy of Berkshire Roots

Fifth Put: Berkshire Roots – Zombie Virus Crumble

Sativa Vape Pens

Courtesy of Insa

Very first Position: Insa – Clementine Sativa Vape

Courtesy of Pioneer Valley

2nd Area: Pioneer Valley – Mango Super Silver Haze Sativa Vape

Courtesy of Fernway

3rd Place: Fernway – Purple Headed Stranger Sativa Vape

Courtesy of Pleased Valley

Fourth Put: Joyful Valley – T. Sage Sativa Vape

Courtesy of HÅVN Extracts

Fifth Place: HÅVN Extracts – Durban Poison Solventless Terpene Sativa Vape

Indica Vape Pens

Courtesy of Church

Initially Area: Church – Watermelon Zkittlez Indica Vape

Courtesy of HÅVN Extracts

2nd Position: HÅVN Extracts – Hindu Kush Solventless Terpene Indica Vape

Courtesy of Rove

Third Location: Rove – Skywalker Indica Vape

Courtesy of Rythm

Fourth Location: Rythm – Brownie Scout Indica Vape

Courtesy of Insa

Fifth Location: Insa – Zlife Indica Vape

Edibles: Gummies

Courtesy of HÅVN Extracts

First Spot: HÅVN Extracts – Lemon Sour Amnesia Gummies

Courtesy of Satisfied Valley

2nd Put: Content Valley – Strawberry Margarita Gummies

Courtesy of Marmas

3rd Spot: Marmas – Blue Raspberry Gummies

Courtesy of Cannatini

Fourth Spot: Cannatini – Cranberry Lime Mojito Gummies

Courtesy of Insa

Fifth Position: Insa – Black Cherry Sleepy Drops

Edibles: Chocolate Non-Gummies

Courtesy of Insa

Very first Place: Insa – Double Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Bar

Courtesy of Coast Hashish

2nd Area: Coast Cannabis – S’mores Chocolate Bar

Curtesy of Koko Gemz

Third Spot: Koko Gemz – Cookies & Cream Candies

Courtesy of Pioneer Valley

Fourth Area: Pioneer Valley – Habañero Dim Chocolate Bites

Courtesy of Cheeba Chews

Fifth Spot: Cheeba Chews – Trifecta Caramel Taffy

Edibles: Fruity Non-Gummies

Courtesy of Hi Burst

Very first Put: Hello Burst – Raspberry Lemonade Fruit Chews

Courtesy of Forbidden Fruit

Next Location: Forbidden Fruit – Dried Mango THC Slices

Courtesy of Berkshire Roots

Third Position: Berkshire Roots – White Peach Roots Fruits Pâte de Fruit

Courtesy of Nova Farms

Fourth Spot: Nova Farms – Strawberry Honey Sticks

Courtesy of Incredibles

Fifth Position: Incredibles – Fruit Trio Tarts

Topicals and Tinctures

Courtesy of Treeworks

Initially Put: Treeworks – Every day Drops Dawn Punch

Courtesy of Happy Valley

Next Position: Happy Valley – Solution Tincture

Courtesy of Sira Naturals

3rd Place: Sira Naturals – Nordic Goddess Body Balm

Courtesy of Doctor Solomons

Fourth Position: Health care provider Solomon’s – Doze Drops

Courtesy of Insa

Fifth Spot: Insa – Tropical Categorical Tincture