Why Marijuana Companies Are Laying Off Workers As Industry Grows

The legal hashish business is booming in North America. Equally Canada and lots of states in the US exactly where recreational marijuana is lawful have witnessed record breaking sales yr just after 12 months. As we have earlier claimed, industry experts predict marijuana revenue will reach an astonishing $33 billion in 2022. Thinking of these […]

SCOTUS Denies Workers Comp For Employees Seeking Medical Marijuana For Injuries

Payment for staff wounded on the work is staying approached from many angles, even though it faces an ongoing setback: cannabis remains a Schedule I compound under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), which essentially precludes personnel from being ready to find compensation for its use as a medication. Two cases concerning Minnesota employees were discussed at a private […]

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Cases Seeking Workers’ Comp for Medical Cannabis

The United States Supreme Courtroom on Tuesday denied petitions to listen to two cases challenging Minnesota’s refusal to make it possible for coverage for health care cannabis through the state’s workers’ compensation plan. In each scenarios, staff sought a review of the Minnesota Supreme Court’s conclusion discovering that the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) supersedes […]

These Workers Are Banned From Investing In Weed — Here’s Why

Even with lots of states legalizing recreational marijuana, there are continue to quite a few occupations that prohibit the invest in and use of cannabis. Soon after all, it is nonetheless a Agenda I compound underneath federal degree. Though these policies can at occasions seem to be unfair, they are at the very least clear-cut. […]

D.C. Council Says Workers Can’t Get Fired for Pot

Personnel in the nation’s capital will not have to worry about getting canned more than cannabis, underneath a monthly bill passed by the Washington, D.C. metropolis council on Tuesday. The evaluate, recognised as the “Cannabis Work Protections Modification Act of 2022,” was permitted unanimously by the governing physique. It now awaits the signature of Washington, […]

Which Industries Most Often Test Workers For Cannabis?

Drug tests in the office has slowed down with the passing of time — and marijuana legalization. Continue to, some industries are extra possible to demand from customers it from their workers, generating a trouble, primarily now that cannabis is mainstream and some states have legal health-related marijuana programs in place. For every Marijuana Second, […]

Should Workers’ Comp Cover Medical Marijuana? Feds To Weigh In On Growing Issue

By Jelena Martinovic The range of states the place clinical cannabis is permitted is nearing 40, with legal recreational cannabis also starting to be extra and additional prevalent. Nonetheless, the difficulty of workers’ clinical cannabis compensation for wounded workforce is staying approached from different angles, not in contrast to the United States’ patchwork of cannabis restrictions. […]