Florida Wedding Reception Turns Into Stoner Fest For Unsuspecting Guests

By Maureen Meehan A Florida bride and her marriage caterer ended up arrested soon after they apparently laced the wedding feast, which includes lasagna, with weed, creating quite a few visitors to get ill and in all probability a ton far more to speculate what the hell was heading on. Various attendees at the wedding […]

Bride, Caterer Accused of Lacing Wedding Food with Weed

Alanis Morisette in no way sang about weed on a wedding ceremony working day, but for 1 Florida bride and caterer, there was some very good guidance that they just did not choose.  Here’s the story, through CNN and several other media reports: 42-yr-outdated bride Danya Shea Svoboda and 31-12 months-aged caterer Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant […]