Death Trap: Human Rights Abuses & Drug War Casualties at Riker’s Island

Photograph Credit: Legal Aid Society, Isaabdul Karim Isaabdul Karim was the eleventh man or woman to die this year when incarcerated at Riker’s Island, New York City’s principal jail. His avoidable dying drew focus to the horrific and deepening crisis at the notorious facility, which has been referred to as a “moral stain” on the […]

This Is Your Brain On Drug War Propaganda

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article entirely belong to the author and do not essentially depict all those of The Fresh new Toast. Lately, there have been some superb content articles noting the 50th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s declaring his “War on Medicine.” Other than that, as I have pointed out, the Drug War […]

Biden Should End America’s Longest War: The War On Drugs

The War on Medications, not the war in Afghanistan, is America’s longest war. It has utilised trillions of American taxpayer pounds, militarized American legislation enforcement businesses (federal, point out, and area), claimed an untold quantity of lives, railroaded people’s futures (particularly between Black, Latino, and Native populations), and concentrated the effort in the country’s most […]