Mike Tyson Launches Cannabis Gummies With This Emblematic Shape

Did you ear? Mike Tyson’s cannabis organization just released a new gummy as a nod to the prolific boxer’s struggle versus Evander Holyfield. You know the a single. The infamous title struggle that finished with Holyfield leaving the ring with a big chunk of his ear bitten off. The 1997 “Bite Fight” direct to Tyson […]

Malawi Appoints Mike Tyson As Its Cannabis Ambassador

By Maureen Meehan The government of Malawi has asked the former globe heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson to turn into the official ambassador for the country’s cannabis industry. Agriculture Minister Lobin Low sent a letter to Tyson inviting him to get up the role, expressing that hashish legalization in Malawi experienced established new chances. Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Photographs for AYS Sports […]

Mike Tyson On Cannabis: ‘I Should Have Smoked My Whole Career’

By Nicolas Jose Rodriguez Speaking with Yahoo Finance about the debut of the Tyson 2. hashish line, in partnership with Columbia Care, the former heavyweight champion explained he wished he smoked cannabis his “whole career” alternatively of drinking. “My life was just depressing, I was out of management. I was preventing with most people. If […]