Study: Weed Vapes Send A Toxic Gas To Lungs

A new research exhibits further more proof of the harms of vaping. Executed by scientists from Portland State College and released in the journal of Chemical Study in Toxicology, the research promises that the course of action of heating up cannabinoid acetates creates a harmful gasoline named ketene which is hazardous to the lungs. Image […]

Secondhand Bong Smoke Way More Toxic Than Tobacco — Here’s Why

It is no solution that secondhand tobacco smoke is a wellbeing hazard. It contains hundreds of substances identified to be toxic or carcinogenic and causes about 41,000 fatalities for each calendar year, according to the American Lung Association. The record of health and fitness conditions and serious illnesses tobacco triggers in smokers, as properly as nonsmokers, is extended. Staggering data collected […]