Thailand’s Decriminalization Of Weed Triggers A Lot Of Interest In Young Entrepreneurs

Thailand’s current determination to decriminalize marijuana has impressed a whole lot of youthful people today who want to make their mark on the new and remarkable business. Aljazeera spoke with some of the country’s residents, who are observing a cannabis merchandise boom, from pre-rolled joints to Sriracha bottles with a weedy twist. Image by Sumit […]

Legalaew: Thailand’s Woodstock | High Times

Thailand’s politicians erroneously considered that they could establish cannabis restrictions right before taking away the plant from its listing of narcotics. The deadline arrived and went, and a two-day function known as “Legalaew”—which translates to “Legal Already”—happened on June 11th and 12th. Arriving at the Highland event, I did not know what to hope. I’d […]