Survey Says: Here’s What Our Readers Think Makes The Best Weed Strain

We asked our visitors in an casual on the net poll what would make the weed the “best,” and we gained all forms of answers. We wondered if it was toughness, taste, or probably a thing else that captivated hashish enthusiasts to their beloved strain. Several respondents said “all the above,” whilst many others detailed […]

New Survey Shows Gen Z Prefers Weed Over Alcohol — Why Is This?

Youthful generations are increasing up in unprecedented times. Problems like the pandemic, world warming and possessing accessibility to an countless stream of facts have reshuffled their priorities, making them into a era that stands aside from the rest. When it arrives to hashish, they are also the to start with to expand up inside a […]

23andMe Survey Shows Who’s Been Most Affected By Long COVID

Genetic screening provider 23andMe retains the DNA information and facts of thousands and thousands of folks, providing a handy tool for researchers who want to learn more about distinctive situations. And that incorporates long COVID. A new survey carried out by the genetic screening website unveiled some appealing info on prolonged COVID and the type […]

This Is The #1 Reason People Are Still Buying Black Market Weed, According To New Survey

Legal marijuana is turning out to be extra and more available. Even now, in international locations like the U.S. and Canada, where by there are legal marketplaces in area, black marketplace marijuana income stay reliable. According to a new study, the biggest figuring out factor is rate. The survey, conducted involving 2019-2020 and printed in […]

This Is What Cannabis Operators Fear Most, New Survey Shows

By Jelena Martinovic Dama Financial recently conducted a study of operators throughout all cannabis-legal states regarding their issues and struggles. When questioned what enterprise concerns or troubles continue to keep them up at evening, more than fifty percent of respondents cited both robbery or staff basic safety as their top problem, whilst a quarter explained the looming risk […]

Gallup Survey Shows a Large Majority of Americans Support Cannabis Legalization

End us if you have read this ahead of: a report large number of Us citizens assume pot should really be lawful. That is the main takeaway from the latest survey introduced Thursday by Gallup, which discovered that additional than two-thirds of adults in the United States—or 68 percent—support the legalization of marijuana. The key […]

Survey: Seniors In Pain Want To Try Cannabis, But This Is Preventing Them

The misconceptions about hashish that started in the 1930s induced a massive stigma for the plant-dependent drug. This stigma is continue to current now, in particular in the population that makes up all those generations. At the very least 40% of Us residents who are higher than the age of 65 are struggling from various […]

Is Teen Weed Interest Waning As It Becomes Legal? New Survey Provides Interesting Insights

By Jelena Martinovic As additional states go regulations allowing for grownup use of hashish, worries that legalization would make cannabis more obtainable to young men and women occur. In 2019, a analyze conducted by scientists from the University of Wisconsin College of Drugs and Community Overall health observed that teens who interact with hashish brand […]

U.S. Department of Agriculture Mails Out First Ever Hemp Survey

The U.S. Section of Agriculture (USDA) has started mailing out surveys nowadays to all of the nation’s hemp producers, with the hope that their opinions will assistance the company obtain info about functions and manufacturing. The USDA’s to start with hemp survey, entitled the “Hemp Acreage and Output Survey,” was mailed out on Oct 18. […]

New survey offers insight on the explosion of CBD in the pet space

The survey​ bundled respondents from a variety of age groups and profits concentrations, with most falling into the millennial classification and creating fewer than $50k each year. Security and efficacy attitudes just before vs right after administering CBD Just before providing their animals CBD, 20% of respondents stated they were involved about the efficacy. After […]