Survey Says: Here’s What Our Readers Think Makes The Best Weed Strain

We asked our visitors in an casual on the net poll what would make the weed the “best,” and we gained all forms of answers. We wondered if it was toughness, taste, or probably a thing else that captivated hashish enthusiasts to their beloved strain. Several respondents said “all the above,” whilst many others detailed […]

Cannabis Strain Labels Are Misleading — A New Study Poses A Fix

By Nina Zdinjak Do you know what type of weed you’re smoking? Have you ever puzzled how helpful labels on hashish merchandise are? In accordance to a new study that examined virtually 90,000 samples throughout six states, they’re not very handy. While most hashish fanatics depend on labels like Indica, Sativa and Hybrid to help them distinguish a single cannabis category from […]

CBD 101: What To Expect When Consuming A CBD Dominant Strain

We’re in the period of CBD. The cannabinoid has quickly become the second most well known cannabinoid, subsequent THC, a compound that has hundreds of yrs of heritage. CBD is in tinctures, oils, clothing, and pillows. It can also be smoked and vaped, acquiring unique outcomes than THC strains. Even if CBD isn’t acknowledged for […]