Florida Wedding Reception Turns Into Stoner Fest For Unsuspecting Guests

By Maureen Meehan A Florida bride and her marriage caterer ended up arrested soon after they apparently laced the wedding feast, which includes lasagna, with weed, creating quite a few visitors to get ill and in all probability a ton far more to speculate what the hell was heading on. Various attendees at the wedding […]

3 Weed Related Accessories Every Stoner Needs Heading Into 2022

There are quite a few means cannabis use has adjusted over the training course of the previous several years. Widespread cannabis legalization through the country has led to an inflow of innovation when it arrives to the options people today have for consuming it. Creating issues extra intriguing is the point that attitudes throughout significantly […]

3 Reasons Why Hollywood Stopped Making Stoner Comedies

In excess of the course of the past quite a few decades, the absence of cult common stoner comedies like Superbad and The Hangover have turn into rarities. The lack of these forms of comedies is shocking, and disappointing for many moviegoers particularly looking at the point that 10 decades in the past this genre […]