ASTM Approves New Cannabis Standards

According to a push launch sent out today, ASTM International’s D37 hashish committee has authorized three new benchmarks for environmental ailments throughout packaging, transport and storing cannabis and hemp flower. The a few new expectations are: Regular Specification for Environmental Conditions for Submit Packaged Storage and Retail Merchandising of Cannabis/Hemp Flower (before long to be […]

A Federal Standards Handbook Now Contains Weights And Measures For Marijuana

By Joana Scopel As a final result of a vote that point out and nearby officers took at a conference last 7 days, a federal government handbook on weights and measures which mentions marijuana specifications in a new section has been made out there. The exemplary consists of a “cannabis efficiency measurement, packaging, labeling,” portion, among other concerns associated to hashish products. At […]

European Commission Sets Standards for Hemp Food

The European Commission, the regional entire body tasked with creating hashish regulations across the vertical for all EU customers, has eventually made pointers for the acceptable total of THC that can be identified in commercially accessible foods products containing CBD. There are two of them. The very first, accredited by the EC’s Standing Committee on […]