Study Finds Cannabis Legalization Source of Decreased Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption

A new examine posted on May 9 in the Journal of Adolescent Health demonstrates evidence that cannabis legalization has brought down the consumption of liquor and cigarettes in youth individuals. Entitled “Trends in Liquor, Cigarette, E-Cigarette, and Nonprescribed Pain Reliever Use Amid Young Adults in Washington Point out Right after Legalization of Nonmedical Cannabis,” the […]

Michigan Report: Cannabis Dispensaries Not The Main Source Of Weed Purchases

By Jelena Martinovic Anderson Financial Group’s principal and CEO Patrick L. Anderson joined by AEG specialist Andrew Miller testified on Tuesday just before the Michigan House of Reps Committee on Regulatory Reform. At the invitation of the committee chair, the speakers gave testimony about the economics of Michigan’s cannabis sector. They presented their conclusions dependent […]