Should I Stop Smoking Weed?

This post originally appeared on Cannabis.internet and has been reposted with authorization. We can all concur that when you abuse one thing, even if it’s hashish, it will sooner or later become detrimental to your wellness and wellbeing. For some, there comes a stage in time when they check with by themselves, “Should I prevent […]

Smoking Pot Makes You 55% Less Likely To Develop This Deadly Cancer

By Nina Zdinjak Cannabis customers have 55% much less probabilities of developing one particular of the most typical malignancies worldwide — hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), according to a study published this yr in the health care journal Cureus. HCC is regarded the fourth top induce of most cancers fatalities in the entire world, and centered on a analyze that […]

What Are The Dangers Of Smoking PGR Marijuana?

This write-up at first appeared on Cannabis.internet and has been reposted with permission. Of course, you have heard about the detrimental impression of fungicides and pesticides on your bud, but that is not the only hazard of contamination you will practical experience. There is an additional chemical scare brewing in the cannabis sector, and you […]

How Smoking Marijuana Affects Oral Health

By Nina Zdinjak It is typical awareness that harmful elements enter the physique by way of the mouth, impacting in this way the oral mucosa and several constructions in our physique, writes News Clinical Lifestyle Sciences. Even though many studies have been executed on the impact of tobacco smoke, new analysis on cannabis is starting to be […]

First Time Smoking Weed, But Didn’t Get High? Here’s What Could Have Happened

This short article initially appeared on and has been reposted with authorization. No two people can have the same encounter for their initial time using tobacco weed. The science is that cannabis influences every single consumer in a different way. For some, they go overboard, some get hungry, some journey a very little or slide […]

Can Cannabis Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

Nicotine is greatly acknowledged to be a single of the most addictive substances on the planet, and it is definitely the most addictive authorized drug in The usa. According to the CDC, tobacco triggers about a single in each 5 fatalities in The usa. While there have been some optimistic effects from anti-smoking cigarettes campaigns […]

Does Smoking Weed Help You Concentrate And Improve Productivity?

One particular of the most popular and exaggerated cannabis stereotypes is the graphic of a thoughtless and lazy stoner. This is mainly because weed has been traditionally connected with a absence of enthusiasm, forgetfulness and an in general unambitious point out of staying for a long time.  As cannabis has long gone a lot more […]

US Senate Candidate Gary Chambers At It Again, Visits Cannabis Dispensary After Smoking Blunt On Camera

By Nicolas Jose Rodriguez Democrat Gary Chambers, who is trying to find a U.S. Senate seat from Louisiana, lately introduced a campaign ad in which he was smoking a sizable blunt when sitting in an armchair looking about as chill as another person could probably glance. But Chambers is lifeless significant about the harms of cannabis criminalization. “Black people […]