Does Smoking Weed Help You Concentrate And Improve Productivity?

One particular of the most popular and exaggerated cannabis stereotypes is the graphic of a thoughtless and lazy stoner. This is mainly because weed has been traditionally connected with a absence of enthusiasm, forgetfulness and an in general unambitious point out of staying for a long time.  As cannabis has long gone a lot more […]

US Senate Candidate Gary Chambers At It Again, Visits Cannabis Dispensary After Smoking Blunt On Camera

By Nicolas Jose Rodriguez Democrat Gary Chambers, who is trying to find a U.S. Senate seat from Louisiana, lately introduced a campaign ad in which he was smoking a sizable blunt when sitting in an armchair looking about as chill as another person could probably glance. But Chambers is lifeless significant about the harms of cannabis criminalization. “Black people […]

Smoking Cannabis Alters Lung Function In Different Ways Than Tobacco

Cigarette smoking alters your lungs, no make any difference the substance. But, in accordance to a new research, there is a variance between lengthy-time period cannabis smokers and prolonged-time period tobacco smokers. The research, carried out by researchers from New Zealand, confirmed the discrepancies in which hashish and tobacco operate. While it discovered both substances […]

Is Smoking Weed Every Day Harmful? Here’s What A New Study Reveals

By Nina Zdinjak What are, if any, the adverse outcomes of frequent marijuana intake? According to a complete critique revealed Wednesday in the journal Dependancy, cannabis use can guide to small or to reasonable acute cognitive impairments that can persist right after the interval of intoxication, reported MedicalXpress. The examine was carried out by the analysis middle of the […]

Why Smoking Weed Won’t Protect You From COVID-19

A study from Oregon Point out College has cannabis consumers experience pretty great about themselves. Yesterday, it was documented that researchers found out two cannabinoids that blocked the COVID-19 virus in human cells. It’s a bring about well worth celebrating, still one particular that can be quickly misconstrued in the period of social media. The […]

Smoking Weed For The First Time? Here’s What You Can Expect

Initial ordeals with marijuana can fluctuate enormously. Even though some have excellent reminiscences of their to start with time smoking cigarettes with their pals, some others keep in mind a paranoid mess. Regardless of the actuality that people today have been obtaining substantial for hundreds of a long time, we nonetheless know incredibly little about […]

Pair of Cops Booked After Being Caught Smoking Pot in Mississippi

In accordance to a Flowood Law enforcement Office news launch, which was posted on Facebook, two rookie law enforcement officers from the Jackson County Law enforcement Office in Mississippi have been charged with possession of cannabis and paraphernalia following getting caught smoking weed, in the act. The Clarion Ledger initially documented the arrests of the […]

This Is The Reason Why People Gain Weight After They Quit Smoking

A single of the most widespread facet outcomes connected with quitting cigarettes is weight obtain. Although people are likely to chalk it up as replacing one practice with a different, or as an expression of anxiety, a new examine gives some significantly-essential scientific explanations. Printed in the Character journal, the study suggests that the gut’s […]

There’s No Proof Smoking Weed Occasionally Is Harmful, Says Top Federal Drug Official

By Nina Zdinjak Director of National Institute On Drug Abuse (NIDA) Dr. Nora Volkow recently discussed the benefits and harms of cannabis consumption in an interview with FiveThirtyEight, wherein she acknowledged that there is no scientific evidence marijuana usage is damaging when applied sometimes and in moderate doses. “There’s no proof to my knowledge that occasional [adult] cannabis use has unsafe outcomes. I never […]