There’s No Proof Smoking Weed Occasionally Is Harmful, Says Top Federal Drug Official

By Nina Zdinjak Director of National Institute On Drug Abuse (NIDA) Dr. Nora Volkow recently discussed the benefits and harms of cannabis consumption in an interview with FiveThirtyEight, wherein she acknowledged that there is no scientific evidence marijuana usage is damaging when applied sometimes and in moderate doses. “There’s no proof to my knowledge that occasional [adult] cannabis use has unsafe outcomes. I never […]

10 Things You’re Doing Wrong While Smoking Marijuana

Smoking cannabis is the most well known and quickly-accessible way of consuming weed, specially for initial-timers. However, you’d be shocked by the amount of money of misinformation that people today believe that, even those people who’ve employed weed for very long periods of time. We’ve manufactured a list of the 10 most prevalent smoking sins […]

A Guide To Smoking CBD Cigarettes

Have you noticed the uptick in CBD items sold at several corporations this sort of as little espresso stands and even your area convenience keep? CBD has skyrocketed in level of popularity as folks are currently being released to its selection of likely added benefits. You may like to try out hempettes (“hemp cigarette”) for […]

Fed Up With Pot Smoking, Burger Spot Bans All Unsupervised Patrons Under 18

The crew driving Yard Valley, California-primarily based burger location, Red Rooster Burgers & Brew, had ample with teenagers smoking cigarettes pot in the toilet, among other items, primary to a ban of all unsupervised consumers less than the age of 18. “It is with Excellent sadness that we have built the selection to not allow […]