Can You Guess How Many Americans Would Vote For A Politician Who Smokes Weed?

Would you vote for a politician who smokes weed? In accordance to a new poll, a lot more than 50 % of Individuals are at ease with voting for a prospect who consumes marijuana. Carried out by YouGov, the survey was released Wednesday, months following Louisiana U.S. Senate applicant Gary Chambers released an advertisement cigarette […]

Louisiana Senate Candidate Smokes Blunt in Campaign Ad

Final week, Gary Chambers Jr., a Baton Rouge native, launched his political campaign to run for a U.S. Senate seat in Louisiana. He took the net by storm with his first political advertisement, a 37-2nd-lengthy online video wherever he advocates for hashish legalization, discussing the disproportionate results that hashish prohibition has on communities of colour. […]

WATCH: US Senate Candidate Smokes Blunt In Campaign Ad

By Maureen Meehan Democrat Gary Chambers, who is seeking a U.S. Senate seat from Louisiana, released a campaign advertisement on Tuesday in which he smokes a sizable blunt when sitting in an armchair searching about as chill as an individual could probably search. But Chambers is dead major about the harms of cannabis criminalization. “Black persons are four […]

Louisiana Senate Candidate Gary Chambers Smokes Blunt in Campaign Video

A Louisiana politician who is working for a congressional seat is appealing to voters by showcasing his own particular hashish use while addressing the failed War on Drugs. Louisiana Senate prospect Gary Chambers, unveiled the movie on YouTube entitled “37 Seconds” to sum up the issues with the War on Drugs and the will need […]