Scientists Discover New Cannabis Compounds, But What Exactly Are They?

This article originally appeared on Cannabis.internet and has been reposted with permission. Marijuana is the most extensively utilized “illicit” drug in the overall world. It’s also the most well-liked, with millions of customers now using it lawfully all the world many thanks to a lot of international locations soothing its stance pursuing suit right after the […]

Give a Voice to Scientists in the Executive Suite

What do Aurora Cannabis, Tilray and Pfizer all have in common? They all produce and sell products used for medicinal purposes, they are top competitors in their field and they all have statements on their websites claiming that science is one of the most important things to their business. But unlike Pfizer, Aurora and Tilray […]

Is All Weed Basically The Same? Here’s What Scientists Recently Found

This post originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission. When people shop about for hashish flower, there are 1000’s of strain names to pick out from. These cultivars are claimed to be special in their chemical and genetic make-up, with a distinctive terpene and flavonoid written content as very well as THC or CBD. […]

Scientists Figure Out Why Some Life Long Smokers Never Develop Cancer

Scientists have designed a superior being familiar with of lifelong people who smoke and their relationship to lung most cancers. While lung cancer’s greatest chance is smoking on a typical foundation, the vast majority of people who smoke do not acquire lung cancer. Turns out, people’s genes play an important part, in certain the cells […]

Scientists Are Finding Ways To Restore COVID-19 Loss Of Smell

A group of researchers from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia are trying to solve one particular of COVID-19’s largest mysteries. Loss of smell, also acknowledged as anosmia, is one particular of COVID-19’s most putting indicators, 1 that has impacted in excess of 1.5 million people in the lengthy phrase. A assertion revealed on the university’s […]

Scientists Develop On-Site Test For Cannabis Use Similar To A Breathalyzer

By Nicolas Jose Rodriguez Scientists may perhaps be closer to acquiring the equal of a breathalyzer for detecting marijuana in a person’s procedure, in accordance to an report printed this 7 days in the journal Science Translational Medicine. At the moment, the gold conventional for detecting cannabis usage is to evaluate THC, the active component […]

Marijuana Research Bill Would Allow Scientists To Access Products From Dispensaries

By Nicolas Jose Rodriguez A bipartisan group of federal lawmakers launched a bill on Thursday to remove boundaries to conducting analysis on marijuana. The invoice will let experts to accessibility hashish from condition-lawful dispensaries. The Healthcare Marijuana Investigate Act, submitted by Rep. Earl Blumenauer [D-OR] and Rep. Andy Harris [R-MD] would ease the approach by […]

Scientists Are Finding More Evidence In Favor Of CBD For Dogs

BY- Anna Dawson  Studies produced in 2021 continue on to demonstrate the advantages of CBD supplementation in canine. Our four-legged friends give us with some of the most rewarding encounters lifetime has to provide. So when pet dogs fall unwell or acquire very long-phrase health and fitness situations, it helps make perception that house owners […]