Study: Medical Cannabis May Result In Less Opioid Dependence For Advanced Cancer Patients

By Joana Scopel Individuals with advanced most cancers respond favorably to medicinal cannabis, according to a study published in the journal Cureus on a trial that included members enrolled in the NY state’s health care cannabis registry. Researchers affiliated with Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse evaluated the use of marijuana by cancer patients for palliative reasons. “The ambitions of this research were to evaluate the traits […]

New York Potency Tax Could Result In Very Expensive Weed — Here’s How Much

Acquiring legal cannabis in New York will soon be a fact, with the state legalizing recreational use in 2021. Now, new reports say that the Empire Condition could impose a potency tax, elevating weed selling prices to up to $70 for an eighth. Per, the legislation would tax distributors different quantities depending on the […]

Cannabis Use Does Not Result In Lazy Teens Or College Students, According To Studies

Lazy stoners have existed forever. Depicted closely in pop culture, the stereotype is perhaps the most well-known of all, one that has been unsafe to a lot of men and women. A few of new scientific tests exhibit that this is not accurate, not even when utilized to teens and younger grownups. The most recent […]

Omicron Is Less Likely To Result In Death Than Previous Variants By This Percentage

Omicron is the most latest COVID-19 variant, responsible for sparking a wave of viral bacterial infections that have infected most areas of the state. As of this creating, the broad majority of scenarios getting described are from Omicron infections. Despite these substantial quantities of COVID-19 situations, hospitalizations fees and fatalities are not in line with […]

Doing This After Your First COVID-19 Dose Could Result In Less Protection From Virus

A the latest examine has proven that the combination of a COVID-19 an infection and the COVID-19 vaccine results in the most powerful sort of defense from the virus. But another review suggests that this isn’t constantly the case, especially if you contracted COVID-19 right after your to start with vaccine dosage. Released in the […]