What Is THCJD And Is It Really 20 Times Stronger Than Regular THC?

This posting originally appeared on Cannabis.internet and has been reposted with permission. With much more states signing up for the bandwagon of grownup-use cannabis legalization, the recreational cannabis sector has developed substantially. Now, a good deal of producers are in a relationship to synthesize and isolate the most secure and most strong compounds from the […]

Study: Does Regular Cannabis Use Affect Performance In Female Athletes?

By Joana Scopel A new study, posted in the Journal of Power and Conditioning Exploration, found that ladies who are regular hashish customers do not generate as a great deal anaerobic electricity as these who do not partake, even when active and match. Scientists from the University of Northern Colorado established out to identified if […]

Regular Cannabis Users Better Drivers Than Casual Consumers, New Study Explains Why

Extra than 40% of U.S. drivers who use the two alcoholic beverages and cannabis admitted they travel below the impact of a single or each of the substances, in accordance to a recent┬ástudy. However, virtually fifty percent of those people surveyed reported they did not get guiding the wheel even though intoxicated. Still, some┬ácannabis buyers […]