Headset Report Analyzes Turnover Rates for Budtenders in the U.S. and Canada

The cannabis facts assortment company Headset produced its latest report on July 13, which addresses budtender/staff turnover prices in hashish dispensaries. Headset calls cannabis budtenders the “heart and soul of the sector,” due to the fact they are essentially ambassadors for the plant and the sector. “Because of their extreme great importance, budtender employing, onboarding, […]

Does Cannabis Legalization Increase Impaired Driving Rates? New Study Has Answer

By Jelena Martinovic Does cannabis legalization increase impaired driving? According to the Coalition for Hashish Policy, Schooling, and Regulation’s (CPEAR) not too long ago published paper, it does not. Just one of the crucial results of the coverage report suggests the outcome of legalization on DUIC is “either insignificant or declines a year right after the legal sector […]

Does Cannabis Use Affect IQ Rates? Here’s What New Study Says

Does hashish use, both equally healthcare and recreational, have a damaging influence on cognitive function? As the number of studies concentrating on hashish exposure and cognitive impairment with various conclusions grows, the subject matter is starting to be far more controversial. A study conducted in 2001 and printed in the journal Archives of Typical Psychiatry unveiled that “the previous […]

Drug Incarceration Rates Are Dropping, But Police Continue To Make Arrests

Inspite of cannabis’ ongoing decriminalization, drug arrests carry on, constant as they’ve normally been. A Pew assessment reveals a deep glimpse into these trends, capturing info from 2009 to 2019. The research located that though rates of incarceration diminished, there were nonetheless large charges of drug arrests around the decades. Pew published some of their […]

Study: Cannabis Legalization Reduces Suicide Rates Among Middle-Aged Males

By Nina Zdinjak Even with the ongoing cannabis legalization development, there are however fierce opponents who insist that lifting prohibition will direct to greater charges of mental sickness or even suicide. This just is not correct, according to a new research. Investigate just lately undertaken by gurus at Circumstance Western Reserve College Faculty of Drugs, […]