Plastic Waste From Cannabis Packaging Is Becoming A Problem In The US And Canada

By Joana Scopel Considering that cannabis became lawful in Canada, sustainability however leaves place for enhancement, mitigating the millions of lbs . of plastic packaging that authorized marijuana generates each yr. In accordance to reporting by Leafly, in 2018—the initial calendar year of cannabis legalization in Canada—solid black plastic containers were being the most obvious containers […]

Cannabis Packaging In New York Is About To Get A Grown-Up Makeover

Historically, hashish deals have evoked a playful and colourful vibe. But now many thanks to freshly accredited laws in New York, the nascent industry’s controlled items will have a far more subdued glance. Gothamist experiences that this earlier Wednesday the state’s Hashish Management Board voted to approve a assortment of polices that would limit cannabis […]

Perfecting Your Packaging for Cannabis Beverages

Some shoppers participating in the authorized hashish current market want to stay clear of inhalable items. They are anxious about the outcomes of the smoke or they want their usage to be discreet — with out the pungent aroma emanating from burning hashish flower. For those shoppers, edibles are the favored selection and a growing […]

There’s More to Sustainable Packaging than Meets the Eye

People right now are extra eco-mindful than ever. The very last many several years have seen a escalating consciousness of the effect of human behavior on the atmosphere, and COVID-19 introduced real-life context to the catastrophic consequences of a global disaster. Life style adjustments in the course of the pandemic empowered folks to make choices […]

Sustainability in Packaging: A Q&A with Dymapak CEO Ross Kirsh

Ross Kirsh released Dymapak in New York Town in 2010. Born into a relatives with a storied history in production, he launched the company following performing for many a long time in Hong Kong exactly where his interests, capabilities and passions for products improvement took condition. Filling a niche for smell-proof bags in smoke retailers, […]

“Keep the Buds Fresh” – Packaging & Paraphernalia Laws

Cannabis law in the U.S. is currently incoherent. What is illegal under the federal laws on the books bears little relation to what is actually happening in cities, states and counties where cannabis is legal for medical and adult use. Although legislators, lawyers and business interests are focused primarily on whether it is legal to […]

The Importance of Smart Cannabis Packaging

No matter of their dimensions, all client deal brand names shell out a considerable total of income and assets on packaging to appeal to consumers’ interest. We are all pretty visually oriented and gravitate to things that pique our passions. Cannabis brands are no exception when it comes to branding their solutions. Packaging performs a […]