5 Pet CBD Companies that Have Something New to Offer | Current Issue

As consumers become more aware of the many wellness options available for their pets, many are opting for a holistic approach by using cannabidiol (CBD). This increasingly popular natural remedy is often used to address anxiety, arthritis, allergies, digestive issues and skin irritation. ‚ÄúThere are consumers that have heard of or even tried CBD for […]

Seed & Smith Internships Offer Pathway to Cannabis Industry Jobs

With hashish legalization efforts continuing to thrive throughout the United States, the want for proficient staff in the authorized weed sector proceeds to expand. In a current positions report, Leafly and Whitney Economics projected that when weed is legalized nationwide, the regulated hashish industry could assistance as many as 1.75 million careers throughout the country. […]

Cannabis Syrups Offer Anti-inflammatory Effects & Improved Stability

The anti-inflammatory qualities of hashish have been properly founded. [1] Even so, not significantly is identified about hashish syrups as an substitute process of offering cannabinoids orally. A team of scientists from the College of Benin, Nigeria, have shed light-weight on the efficiency and steadiness of hashish syrups. [2] Strategies Made use of The hashish […]