Why Are So Many Cannabis Businesses Losing Money Hand Over Fist?

This write-up at first appeared on Cannabis.net and has been reposted with permission. In accordance to New Frontier Information, the United States hashish field is poised to be truly worth a staggering $30 billion each individual year by 2025. Cannabis legalization proceeds to distribute across new states, while users of Congress proceed to press for reform. […]

What Is A Cannabis Concierge And Are They Worth Your Money?

This write-up at first appeared on Hashish.web and has been reposted with permission. If you live in a hashish-friendly state, you may perhaps have appear across the phrase hashish concierge. Cannabis concierges signify a new wave of customer service in the cannabis market. Motivated by the humble hotel concierge, whose sole career is to make the […]

This Company Sells ‘Nugs’ In Milk Cartons To Raise Money For Non-Violent Pot Prisoners

By Nicolas Jose Rodriguez Lemonati Household Farms, a Michigan hashish company, is releasing a new line of strains to aid increase dollars and recognition about persons driving bars for nonviolent cannabis offenses. The “Defiance!” series will use $1 from the sale of each item to support Freedom Develop, a nonprofit 501c3 that helps free of charge hashish prisoners, reported metrotimes.com The strains […]