Why The Military Should Have Reduced The Penalties For Getting Caught With Weed

This posting initially appeared on Cannabis.internet and has been reposted with authorization. According to the Research and Development Corporation (RAND), military services recruits who make it into the army even if they have records of very low-stage hashish consumption did not perform worse when compared to other soldiers. This should really be superior news for recruiters […]

Military Veterans Can Use Medical Marijuana Without Losing Eligibility For Care And Services

By Nicolas Jose Rodriguez Veterans can use health care cannabis devoid of getting rid of their eligibility for care and providers, in accordance to the Department of Veterans Affairs, reported KVIA.com In a post on the department’s web page, the VA clarified that though marijuana use is nonetheless thought of federally illegal, “Veteran participation in state marijuana plans does not […]

U.S. House Approves SAFE Banking Act as Part of Military Spending Bill in Historic Vote

The U.S. House accredited the Protected and Truthful Enforcement (Safe and sound) Banking Act on Thursday in a bipartisan 316-113 vote as section of the newest Nationwide Protection Authorization Act, a armed forces shelling out bill. It’s the fifth time the legislation has been authorised in the Dwelling as a standalone bill or an amendment […]