SCOTUS Denies Workers Comp For Employees Seeking Medical Marijuana For Injuries

Payment for staff wounded on the work is staying approached from many angles, even though it faces an ongoing setback: cannabis remains a Schedule I compound under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), which essentially precludes personnel from being ready to find compensation for its use as a medication. Two cases concerning Minnesota employees were discussed at a private […]

Why You Should Be Using Cannabis, Not Ice, For Injuries

This write-up originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission. Making use of ice or a cold compress is a single of the most common 1st-aid therapies we know for an harm or sprain. It is ordinarily greatest employed suitable following the damage occurs. This entails an ice pack or ice compress positioned […]

Is Cannabis Better For Sports Injuries Than Traditional Painkillers?

Even though hashish has been legalized for medicinal functions during considerably of the place, there’s even now a large quantity of the populace that casts question on its healing houses. However for athletes, in most scenarios, it’s the men and women who aren’t common with the healing houses of healthcare cannabis who even now transpire […]