Dealing With Cannabis Induced Panic And Paranoia During The Chaotic Holiday Season

Like it or not, one particular of the prospective negative side results of hashish can be paranoia and in some circumstances, panic. The latter is ordinarily set off by the previous, but during my years of cigarette smoking cannabis and partaking with the person base – I have personally witnessed a handful of people today who […]

Growers Holiday Gift Guide | High Times

Cannabis growers deserve a little love, too, and anyone who has dabbled in the art of growing cannabis knows the gear can be pricey, so a little love goes a long way. From products that control Ph levels to butter-making devices, ​High Times picked out some of the best gear for your favorite grower. TNB Up/Down […]

College Students Holiday Gift Guide

Inspite of the tension, the risk of COVID-19, the panic of acquiring a work and the looming fear of lifelong personal debt in some scenarios, higher education pupils deserve some recognition. A new The Washington Article review has revealed that cannabis use is rising fast amongst higher education-aged older people, and they are drinking a […]

Vape Holiday Gift Guide | High Times

Vapes are quite possibly one of the best gifts you could give someone—but choosing just one is no easy task. They vary greatly in size and price, ranging from the smallest, most discreet vape pens (some of which are disposable) to the biggest, beefiest rigs you can imagine. These devices offers so much potential in […]

Cannabis Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

Hashish is the one greatest component to combine into your every day self-care schedule. Wanting for a tincture that in fact presents results? Possibly a very little Diy lotion and tub salts spa treatment method is extra your jam, or a rest support that will really support you get much desired rest. Superior Situations picked […]

Glass Pipe Holiday Gift Guide

Over the years, glass artists and vendors alike risked their own freedom to bring glass pipes to the market. You might be bombarded with the classic tongue-in-cheek line, “For Tobacco Use Only” if you enter a headshop, but restrictions are being relaxed or ignored for the most part in recent years. Glass pipes grew in […]

Sophisticated Smoker Holiday Gift Guide

As a community, we’re way past the days of smoking out of cheap, poorly designed products that typically don’t last long. Acknowledge your worth and splurge on a luxurious gift that truly represents who you are. Embrace the lifestyle of sophisticated smoking. As sophisticated smokers, it’s our responsibility to elevate the stigma surrounding cannabis. As […]