Study Finds Fewer Cannabis Consumers View Cigarette Use as Harmful

A new analyze, entitled “Everything aged is new yet again: Producing and preserving a populace-level ‘shared reality’ of wellbeing dangers affiliated with cigarette use toward both minimizing the prevalence and eliminating disparities in cigarette use between all Us citizens,” was produced in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Investigate. Exploration was led by Dr. Renee Goodwin, a CUNY […]

Is Smoking Weed Every Day Harmful? Here’s What A New Study Reveals

By Nina Zdinjak What are, if any, the adverse outcomes of frequent marijuana intake? According to a complete critique revealed Wednesday in the journal Dependancy, cannabis use can guide to small or to reasonable acute cognitive impairments that can persist right after the interval of intoxication, reported MedicalXpress. The examine was carried out by the analysis middle of the […]

There’s No Proof Smoking Weed Occasionally Is Harmful, Says Top Federal Drug Official

By Nina Zdinjak Director of National Institute On Drug Abuse (NIDA) Dr. Nora Volkow recently discussed the benefits and harms of cannabis consumption in an interview with FiveThirtyEight, wherein she acknowledged that there is no scientific evidence marijuana usage is damaging when applied sometimes and in moderate doses. “There’s no proof to my knowledge that occasional [adult] cannabis use has unsafe outcomes. I never […]

What Is THC-O And Is It Harmful?

Because the 2018 Farm Bill opened the floodgates for hemp derived products and solutions to strike the open industry in most states, there have been new hashish merchandise attracting the consideration of cannabis end users popping up still left and suitable. The sum of new cannabinoids that are on the industry currently are starting to […]