The Wait is Over: Jackass Forever Star Rachel Wolfson Chats About Film’s Debut

The Jackass franchise is back again and better than at any time ahead of. Jackass Without end is scheduled to be theatrically produced by Paramount Photos nowadays on February 4. This time all over, the film is getting a significant-brow nod of acceptance. The film stars Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Jason “Wee […]

5 Most Anti-Marijuana Films In The History Of Cinema

By Hernán Panessi via El Planteo Prejudices, funny looks and confusion: At times, cinema also served as a propagator of stigmatizing discourses. In reality, in 1934, an formal output code was established in the United States (with the complicity of the major film studios) to determine what could be observed on screens and what could not. Regarded […]