Cannabis In Cancer Treatment: Feds To Fund New Research

By Jelena Martinovic In most cancers patients, cannabinoids have principally been employed as a section of palliative care to aid relieve suffering, lessen swelling, relieve nausea and promote hunger. Nonetheless, with the discipline evolving fast more than the past yrs, thanks to both legislative efforts and force from marijuana advocates, some early medical trials and studies of cannabinoids in managing […]

Feds Halt New York City Plan for Cannabis Farms on Public Housing |

New York Town Mayor Eric Adams’s call to use the rooftops of public housing as cannabis greenhouse areas appears to be like like a pipe desire for now.  The website Gothamist reported on Monday that a spokesperson for the U.S. Section of Housing and City Growth (HUD), which presents funding for New York Town Housing […]

Should Workers’ Comp Cover Medical Marijuana? Feds To Weigh In On Growing Issue

By Jelena Martinovic The range of states the place clinical cannabis is permitted is nearing 40, with legal recreational cannabis also starting to be extra and additional prevalent. Nonetheless, the difficulty of workers’ clinical cannabis compensation for wounded workforce is staying approached from different angles, not in contrast to the United States’ patchwork of cannabis restrictions. […]

The Feds Can’t Outlaw Delta-8 THC!

In the mid-1970s, the Dutch government initiated a permissive policy toward cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam and other cities, where locals and foreigners could purchase hash, weed, and “space cakes” (THC-rich edibles) for onsite consumption in a relaxed setting without fear of arrest. Even though recreational cannabis was – and still is – technically illegal in […]