Federal Drug Agency Needs Weed Hookup For Research Purposes

The Nationwide Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shared this previous Friday that they are on the lookout for hashish associates who can source them with marijuana to research. The business has confronted ongoing criticism concerning the marijuana it makes use of for experiments, which more closely resembles hemp than the sort of products that’s utilized […]

Federal Arrests For Marijuana Have Declined As More States Legalize It

By Joana Scopel The U.S. Department of Justice claimed that federal marijuana arrests proceed to decrease as additional states transfer to legalize cannabis. Hashish busts dropped an normal of 11% every single calendar year since 2010 when the DEA produced 8,215 arrests, documented Marijuana Moment. Picture by Kindel Media by using Pexels In accordance to […]

Biden Issues First Pardons To Those With Federal Cannabis And Drug Convictions

By Jelena Martinovic President Joe Biden has finally granted clemency to dozens of persons with non-violent federal drug convictions and commuted the sentences of 75 people who were serving time at dwelling for the reason that of the pandemic. He also issued three pardons. The president’s move marks his 1st clemency motion soon after around a 12 months in the […]

Dem. Senator And Former Astronaut Mark Kelly Joins Colleagues Against Federal Marijuana Reform

By Nina Zdinjak Even though the Dwelling of Representatives approved the Cannabis Possibility, Reinvestment and Expungement (Extra) Act, H.R. 3617 on April 1, sending it to Senate, the large hashish fight isn’t around. Some say it has just begun. The Additional Act, which goal gets rid of cannabis from the federal Controlled Substances Act, allowing for states to legalize cannabis, its […]

House Passes MORE Act To Legalize Weed At The Federal Level, But Don’t Get Too Excited

This write-up originally appeared on Hashish.net and has been reposted with authorization. It is Groundhog Day all over again in the Dwelling, as Democrats vote to legalize cannabis at the federal amount. If you are reading the headlines once again that in some way marijuana just bought legalized in The united states, you are sadly […]

US House Approves Bill To End Federal Cannabis Prohibition: What Does This Mean?

By Javier Hasse The U.S. Household of Representatives approved the Cannabis Possibility, Reinvestment, and Expungement (More) Act, H.R. 3617, on Friday. The Additional Act removes hashish from the federal Controlled Substances Act, allowing for states to legalize hashish, its output and revenue, free of charge from federal interference. Image by Olena Ruban/Getty Photos Relevant: Why Is The Co-Chair […]

U.S. House Passes MORE Act To Decriminalize Cannabis at the Federal Level

Cannabis advocates have a cause to rejoice this Friday with federal laws going forward to decriminalize hashish at the federal level, which would change anything. The U.S. House of Representatives approved the Marijuana Prospect, Reinvestment, and Expungement (Far more) Act, or H.R. 3617, in a floor vote Friday. It’s the second time the House authorized […]

Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill Could Get Floor Vote In House, Sooner Than Later

By Jelena Martinovic The Marijuana Option, Reinvestment and Expungement (Extra) Act is poised to end up on the Property flooring up coming 7 days, reports Marijuana Moment. Rumors of a flooring vote, coming from a congressional staffer and a key advocate acquainted with the high-degree discussions and a different resource near to Cannabis Moment’s redaction, are […]

Federal Marijuana Cases Drop Again In 2021 As More States Legalize

By Jelena Martinovic Federal situations involving cannabis dropped to less than 1,000 in 2021, with 996 individuals charged for trafficking, NORML reported. In accordance to an analysis from the federal U.S. Sentencing Commission (USCC), they accounted for less than 6% of people charged with violating federal drug laws about the final yr. Photograph by gesrey/Getty Illustrations or photos Related: Drug Incarceration […]

Meet Looming Federal Cannabis Regulatory Compliance Management with Automation & Confidence

Federal regulation of the hashish and hemp sectors is coming quicker somewhat than later on — and this is generally great information for hashish organizations and individuals. But cannabis producers already struggling to meet up with complex and ever-changing regional restrictions (where they exist) will be facing a new established of troubles with yet another […]