Is There Sufficient Clinical Evidence To Reschedule Cannabis?

By Lydia Kariuki The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) classifies all prescription drugs less than five distinctive groups (from agenda I, to V). The listing and scheduling of prescription drugs by the DEA is contained in the Managed substances act (CSA). At present, hashish is labeled less than plan 1 in the US, jointly with other […]

Schumer Touts ‘Overwhelming Evidence’ That Cannabis Legalization Doesn’t Increase Crime

By Jelena Martinovic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stays business in his stance that cannabis reform doesn’t direct to an maximize in crime or drug use. “The overwhelming evidence from the states that have legalized cannabis is there has not been an enhance in criminal offense and has not been an raise in drug use,” Schumer reported […]

New Study Finds Wide Evidence Of Mislabeling For CBD Products

By Joana Scopel In a new study, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers examined extra than a hundred topical cannabidiol (CBD) merchandise, that are available on the internet and at retail stores and uncovered “significant proof of inaccurate and misleading labeling of CBD content.” In addition, some of these merchandise claimed to be free of THC, the major energetic component in […]

Ancient Chinese Tomb Shows Evidence Of Cannabis Use

In accordance to an archeological review conducted in central China, customers of the Tang Dynasty had been huge cannabis end users. Although the plant was long thought to be utilized in clothes and meals, the study verified that the men and women of the period utilised the plant for dietary benefit and that thought of […]

Real-World CBD Evidence, CBD and Ketamine, and More . . .

Each individual week, scientific journals publish dozens of papers pertaining to hashish, cannabinoids, and the endocannabinoid technique. And the rate of investigate is accelerating. Involving 2018 and 2020, the quantity of papers mentioning cannabidiol (CBD) approximately doubled from 788 to 1,408. And at the current amount, this calendar year will see an additional huge increase […]

Scientists Are Finding More Evidence In Favor Of CBD For Dogs

BY- Anna Dawson  Studies produced in 2021 continue on to demonstrate the advantages of CBD supplementation in canine. Our four-legged friends give us with some of the most rewarding encounters lifetime has to provide. So when pet dogs fall unwell or acquire very long-phrase health and fitness situations, it helps make perception that house owners […]

No evidence of liver disease or elevated liver function in CBD study participants

Early outcomes of an field-sponsored, human-protection examine on hemp-derived CBD consumption clearly show no proof of liver toxicity or sickness in its 839 individuals. The examine also discovered no boost in the prevalence of elevated liver-perform figures as opposed to a group with a similar incidence of healthcare disorders. Those benefits ended up delivered by […]