Whole-Plant Cannabis Extract Reduces Epileptic Seizures By 86% in Small Study

A smaller analyze of children with treatment-resistant epilepsy has located that whole-plant cannabis therapies lowered seizures by 86 per cent, according to investigation posted just lately by the journal BMJ Paediatrics Open. To conduct the examine, scientists gathered retrospective scientific information from caretakers and clinicians of 10 children with intractable, or drug-resistant, epilepsy. All 10 […]

UK Epileptic Children Denied Cannabis Prescriptions

In countries around the earth where health-related hashish is unlawful, it’s commonly assumed that a change in law will deliver about safer accessibility for sufferers. It is typically children with life-threatening seizures who are the catalysts for modify. And however in the United kingdom, where cannabis was rescheduled in 2018, this very susceptible client group […]