Beyond Compliance: Understanding and Combating Contamination

As an emerging field in cannabis, contaminant tests stays a grey place for a lot of companies. The extensive variances in point out-by-state regulations, alongside with the recurrent improvements of earlier recognized guidelines make screening a hard, time-consuming system. But at its core, the science and reasoning at the rear of why we exam hashish […]

Detecting Microbial Contamination in Cannabis

Rising cannabis use across the US has appear with enhanced scrutiny of its wellness consequences. Regulators and health care suppliers are not just worried about the direct results of inhaling or consuming cannabinoids, nevertheless, but also about one more health and fitness risk: microbial contamination in cannabis merchandise. Like any other crop, cannabis is prone […]

Reducing Cross Contamination in Your Lab

Cross Contamination Cross Contamination – noun – “inadvertent transfer of bacteria or other contaminants from one area, substance, etc., to an additional particularly simply because of unsanitary dealing with strategies. – (Mariam Webster, 2021). Cross contamination is not a new idea in the clinical and food stuff lab industries numerous services have substantial structure facets […]

Ask the Experts: Microbiological Contamination in Cannabis & What You Should Look for

Screening hashish and hashish derived items for microbiological contamination really should be a uncomplicated discussion for testing labs and producers. Nonetheless, a patchwork of restrictions and a huge range of perspectives on what we really should, or should not, be searching for has still left much of the cannabis industry hunting for trustworthy solutions. Companies […]