Is There Sufficient Clinical Evidence To Reschedule Cannabis?

By Lydia Kariuki The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) classifies all prescription drugs less than five distinctive groups (from agenda I, to V). The listing and scheduling of prescription drugs by the DEA is contained in the Managed substances act (CSA). At present, hashish is labeled less than plan 1 in the US, jointly with other […]

Bill Clinton Hails ‘Very Encouraging’ CBD Clinical Trial

The clinical demo, done by researchers at the NYU Langone Wellbeing and Baptist Overall health/Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute, found that an orally absorbed pill made up of cannabidiol (CBD) “safely managed discomfort immediately after minimally invasive rotator cuff medical procedures, and did not create side consequences in some cases affiliated with CBD use, these kinds of […]

Could Magic Mushrooms Treat Overeating? New Clinical Trial Intends To Find Out

By Natan Ponieman Psilocybin, the active component in “magic mushrooms,” could be part of the alternative for men and women struggling with binge eating dysfunction, a problem characterized by recurring episodes of having significant quantities of meals and emotion unable to end. Tryp Therapeutics, Inc., a biotech company in the psychedelics house, has dosed the to […]

From CBD to THCV: Clinical Trials & ECS Brands

The cannabinoid business has faced an uphill battle from the beginning because of to a absence of reliable scientific consciousness about cannabinoids, fueled by many years of the hemp plant’s status as an illegal Schedule 1 drug. These days, scientists last but not least are free to explore the hemp plant’s 115+ cannabinoids and their […]

Is There a Place for Perpetual Tele-Monitoring and Clinical Research in the Medical Cannabis Industry?

As we continue to witness and knowledge the health care cannabis business increase and experienced, many of us are asking yourself in which the head-to-head clinical reports are, and why are not there far more clinical study experiments getting location? Cannabis merchandise developed with the intention for medicinal use normally condition that their formulations and […]