Cheech and Chong on New Comic Book Chronicles: A Brief History of Weed with Z2 Comics

In a High Times exclusive, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong introduced now Cheech and Chong’s Chronicles: A Brief Heritage of Weed, co-prepared by the legendary duo, and revealed by Z2 Comics. It is their initially graphic novel, introduced just in advance of the duo’s 50th anniversary. Cheech and Chong’s Chronicles: A Temporary History of Weed […]

Eighth Icon Rebrands as Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis Company

Eighth Icon Holdings announced in a September 13 press release that it altered its title to Cheech and Chong’s Hashish Organization, powerful instantly. Consolidating the identify with the comedy duo’s iconic model aligns with the company’s mission. The organization formerly recognized as Eighth Icon provides Tommy Chong’s Cannabis and Cheech’s Stash wholesale flower brand names […]