This Iconic Chain Restaurant Could Be Your New Weed Dispensary

As hashish earns lawful position across the country, a myriad of firms are now attainable alternatives for dispensaries. And what is far more weedy and trippy than a restaurant that appears like a jungle? In accordance to Block Club Chicago, a shuttered Rainforest Cafe could be remodeled into a pot shop this summertime. For each […]

Salmonella & Aspergillus: Controlling Risk in Your Supply Chain

Hazard management is the system of figuring out prospective dangers, examining the related hazard, then employing controls to mitigate people hazards. With Salmonella and Aspergillus remaining two of the main leads to of cannabis contamination that can happen during the provide chain, making use of upstream risk management techniques can continue to keep provider contamination […]

How the Supply Chain Crisis Impacts Cannabis

Given that early 2020, the pandemic has shined a highlight on the global source chain and its shortcomings. Supply and demand from customers have changed so significantly and so promptly that it has fostered shortages and delays for many of the world’s goods. Much of this crisis is because of to producing vegetation in nations […]

How Supply Chain Problems Have Impacted The Cannabis Industry

Just as the cannabis sector was beginning to catch its stride, the environment was swept into a worry prompted by COVID-19. The ways in which the pandemic has afflicted the source chain across industries has made existence tough for buyers of items across the board — and the hashish business has been no exception. Here […]

Ask the Experts: Aspergillus Across the Supply Chain

In an marketplace exactly where compliance is these a dominant impact, navigating and knowledge hashish microbiology can be a tall purchase. With some instruction, investigate and expertise on microbial contamination although, it doesn’t have to be  a overwhelming process. From when a hashish plant is started out, through the plant lifecycle, all the way to […]

Project aims to build domestic hemp fiber supply chain

The U.S. hemp textiles supply chain has to start off somewhere, so it may well as well get started with T-shirts, according to just one North Carolina-based mostly clothing maker. Producing a domestic hemp fiber source chain in the U.S. could assist create a transparent, sustainable, financially rewarding industry that will pay back farmers a […]