Cannabis And Breast Cancer: What A New Study Reveals

By Nina Zdinjak Can hashish aid get rid of most cancers? Despite the fact that there is nonetheless no solitary recognized and accredited treatment for most cancers, there are lots of solutions that enable individuals combat it off. This is dependent, of class, on the variety, stage it’s been identified, general patient overall health and […]

Breast Cancer Patients Are Using Cannabis, But Many Are Lacking This Important Step

Hashish has prolonged been applied to handle indicators of most cancers. But now a new study shows that while this is however the circumstance, many patients are cautious of sharing this info with their health professionals. The study was conducted on the web and anonymously, with more than 600 breast most cancers people. While the […]

Arizona Dispensary Trading Pre-rolls for Bras to Fight Breast Cancer |

A Phoenix-region cannabis dispensary chain is giving absent no cost pre-rolled joints to shoppers who donate a bra in a campaign to assist breast most cancers awareness when supporting an Arizona nonprofit team. A collaboration concerning Mint Cannabis and Test for a Lump, the Buds ‘n’ Bras marketing campaign aims to spotlight the vital need […]