Study Finds THC Detected in Blood or Breath Does Not Indicate Impairment

A new study posted this month provides further more evidence that stages of THC detected in the blood or breath of cannabis people is not a dependable indicator of impairment. Researchers also identified that degrees of THC in blood and breath did not offer reliable evidence of how just lately a exam issue experienced utilized […]

New Blood Test May Predict A Variety Of Dangerous Conditions

Blood tests can forecast a wide variety of diseases, generating them a essential component of your typical health care provider visits. A new analyze is devising a examination that may perhaps predict a selection of cardiovascular problems, a disease that is the top trigger of dying in the state. The study was published in the […]

Can You Donate Blood Plasma If You Smoke Weed?

This posting at first appeared on Cannabis.web and has been reposted with authorization. Blood donations are critical to the healthcare system. Of the tens of millions of individuals in the globe who are suitable to donate blood or plasma, only a few thousand do. Some are inclined to but have uncertainties about whether they’re experienced […]