Higher Potency Cannabis Increases Risk Of Addiction And Psychosis, Study Finds

By Nina Zdinjak Cannabis buyers who tend to opt for higher efficiency weed for their pleasure, are at bigger threat of turning out to be addicted or acquiring marijuana-brought on psychosis, a new study shows. “Overall, use of higher efficiency hashish, relative to lessen efficiency hashish, was affiliated with an greater danger of psychosis and CUD [cannabis use […]

Adolescents Three Times More Prone To Marijuana Addiction Than Adults

By Jelena Martinovic Young people typically turn to marijuana to really feel improved, as effectively as to lessen stress and anxiety in social cases this sort of as connecting with pals. But how numerous teenagers really use cannabis? In accordance to 2019 CDC data, 4 in 10 high university students claimed life time use of cannabis. However, some modern […]

Watchdog Flags Cannabis Products with Unproven Opioid Addiction Claims

Hashish corporations are crossing the line when they show claims such as CBD as a way to struggle opioid habit, a watchdog corporation warns. Pennsylvania-based watchdog Highlight PA looked at around 60 sites from cannabis retailers and firms centered in Pennsylvania and actuality-checked the validity of health statements with overall health policy industry experts. The […]