New Study Reveals How Consumers Integrate Cannabis Into Their Lives

A review carried out by the San Francisco-centered hashish shipping system Eaze observed an raising crossover between cannabis use and off-the-sofa pursuits like function, physical fitness and intimacy, noted Adweek.

“It may audio counterintuitive, but cannabis for responsible older people does exist,” claimed Elizabeth Ashford, vice president of communications at Eaze.

“We’re seeing the integration of hashish into elements of lifestyle in which we formerly didn’t see it. It’s not about waking up and hitting a bong,” Ashford instructed Adweek. “Some persons may perhaps just take a 2-milligram Sativa edible like somebody else would consume espresso in the early morning.”

The survey also questioned about the purpose cannabis plays in several other aspects of people’s lives, including careers and intimate associations.

Last but not least, 37% claimed they pair hashish with their exercise routines, countering the erroneous and out-of-date impression of couch-locked stoners.

These details, likely, are new music to the collective ears of cannabis entrepreneurs and producers who will certainly be delighted to provide weed to this busy and swiftly developing segment of the population.