Never Smoked Weed? 4 Situations Where You Shouldn’t Start

Actor Nick Offerman, known most effective for his part as Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation,” a short while ago mentioned in an job interview that he has stop hashish and that he when made use of marijuana as a kind of escapism. This doesn’t suggest he’s in opposition to the legalization and regulation of cannabis, nevertheless from a particular placement he will not be smoking. In part, he is quitting since of his wife (actress Megan Mullally), but as he outlined, the other aspect of the coin is that he’s “happy enough”.

“When I depended on cannabis for escapism, I could not get the good stuff and now that I can afford the most amazing pot, I don’t want it,” he advised The Unbiased.

Irrespective of Offerman’s conclusion to give up smoking cigarettes, his conclusion to give up impressed me to compose this post. I’m not indicating that everyone who smokes hashish are doing it to escape their truth, on the opposite. If you have at any time examine my work you’d know I’m significantly far more nuanced than that.

Nonetheless, I do believe that there are some individuals who are smoking cigarettes hashish for the wrong explanations and consequently these days we’ll be addressing a handful of of them.

To Fit In

This is most probably not a difficulty for hashish smokers who have been all-around the block a few situations, on the other hand, some persons who are just beginning to smoke may well be executing so for the reason that they want to “fit in” with the crowd.

This is a horrible purpose to smoke weed. Cannabis should normally be a own preference and if you really do not want to smoke it mainly because you feel compelled to, and are only executing it so you’re not the odd ball out, possibly you require to locate new good friends who accepts you for you, or you need to have to study your want for acceptance.

The simple fact of the matter is that any time you do a little something due to the fact “others” are accomplishing it, it demonstrates on the deficiency of personalized id and integrity. By no means allow many others be your determination for cigarette smoking.


There is a variation between using tobacco to acquire standpoint and cigarette smoking to avoid working with real shit in your everyday living. The truth of the matter is that cannabis can be utilised as a kind of escapism. This may not necessarily be a negative point when the concept of “escaping” is short-term. Having said that, when it gets to be the norm, you might have to have to rethink your hashish consumption.

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While hashish does have the potential to make the intolerable far more tolerable, just tolerating sh***y conditions in your life will never give you the space to fix them. On the contrary, you’ll be producing a negative feedback loop in exactly where you are going to be using tobacco to escape, prolonging the struggling, and then using tobacco to escape prolonged struggling.

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At times we do need to escape our troubles for a several moments, primarily if the problem at hand is clouding your capability to consider. In this scenario, you can use cannabis to “diffuse” a predicament extensive ample, to get rid of your worry from the equation and to reassess the circumstance.

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The moment you have attained some clarity, do not use hashish as a suggests of prolonging suffering but just take motion swiftly to take care of regardless of what it may well be that is plaguing you.

To Be Neat

Smoking weed is neither amazing, or uncool — it is simply just an act we do. When you’re smoking cigarettes to be amazing, it indicates once once again that you’re executing it for others. “Cool” is a point out of mind as opposed to a individual action you do.

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Confident, you can do points that “look cool” or “feel cool”, but neat arrives from a deep perception of self-know-how and a total bag of “not-supplying-a-shit” and a dash of personality. Thus, if you are applying a compound to achieve this condition of staying, you’re not really that interesting.

As soon as extra, this is additional of an issue for individuals who are youthful and might not have founded their identification on agency floor, in search of to locate approaches to modify who they consider they are. If this is you, becoming peaceful and meditating a bit may offer you with much much more insight than cigarette smoking weed.


Using tobacco weed can make accomplishing practically nothing feel awesome! Just lying again and smoking a doobie can take your mind off the mundane and the unexciting. Using tobacco weed in this case is not suggested. From time to time, you want to sit with the boredom, you want to feel the existential dread bubble up inside in buy to encourage you to do “something”.

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If you have nothing at all improved to do than to smoke weed, you are fundamentally numbing your self to the other issues in lifestyle. Cigarette smoking weed in this case can act as a detrimental issue in your personal enhancement. If you have obtained very little greater to do, I really propose getting a little something to do — something greater than your self and anything you can perform on time beyond regulation.

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Hashish provides fast gratification, but that gratification when you have no function is brief-lived. It is far improved to use cannabis as a tool as opposed to a automobile of “escape”.

Bottom Line

Smoking cannabis is neither good nor undesirable, it only is anything you do. However, your motivations can indicate that cannabis consumption could be “bad for you” in this certain second. This does not indicate that it will constantly be “bad”.

Fairly, this report is about examining the motivations driving why you smoke hashish. Sometimes, the act of using tobacco could act as a deterrent to your spiritual and private advancement and abstinence or selective abstinence can assistance you attain your plans a lot quicker.

For illustration, if you are cigarette smoking since you have absolutely nothing much better to do, relatively smoke as a reward for doing some thing you didn’t like to do. Use the reduction that cannabis gives you to your advantage. In the same way, if you will need to smoke to be neat, simply just uncover a team of folks who consider you are great without having just about anything else. This way, you know you’ve got authentic people in your daily life.

Of training course, almost everything I publish in this article is purely subjective. There is no absolute in this story. Only you know your motivations and, if at the pretty minimum, this report manufactured you dilemma your motives for smoking cigarettes weed, I did my position.