Nervous About Traveling With A Weed Vape? Here’s What You Should Know

Touring with marijuana shouldn’t be taken frivolously. This week, it was declared that WNBA celebrity Brittney Griner had been detained in Russia immediately after her vape cartridges ended up noticed in her baggage. It’s a oversight that could end result in a 10-calendar year prison sentence.

Although The usa does not run like Russia, cannabis however remains difficult. No make a difference the laws in the point out you’re traveling to, marijuana stays a federally unlawful drug in the U.S. Internationally, it’s even worse considering the fact that hashish is illegal in most international locations.

If you are looking at traveling with a weed vape, listed here are some of the most vital matters you must know.


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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not have to fret about weed when traveling? Regrettably, we’re not there yet — considerably from it, in actuality. On a national degree, it all depends on the condition. Even though some airports are high-quality with weed, other folks are not. For example, Denver’s airport, which is found in the very legal state of Colorado, forbids cannabis.

As for the Journey Stability Administration (TSA), their stance is fairly very clear. Considering the fact that marijuana is federally illegal, travellers will be stopped if they have cannabis on them. Nevertheless, it allows to know your legal rights do not interact with law enforcement officers unless you have to and, if detained or arrested, allow them know that you don’t consent to a lookup and that you want a attorney.

Whilst vape pens are discreet, it is nonetheless essential to be cautious with these devices contemplating the truth that they’re unlawful on a federal level. The TSA is not on the lookout for weed, they are far more worried with items that can pose an instant chance, but you never know what an agent may do if they stumble upon your vape through a protection screening.


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When it comes to international vacation, weed is never ever a great idea. If traveling to a state with unlawful cannabis, there’s no way of realizing what they could do and whether you could be arrested or not. And even if the state has a authorized marijuana plan, like Canada for case in point, traveling with marijuana remains unlawful. “Cannabis is unlawful in most countries. If you try out to travel internationally with any quantity of cannabis in your possession, you could deal with severe prison penalties both equally at residence and overseas,” according to the Canadian government web-site.

What about professional medical cannabis?

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If you have a medical cannabis card, you might confront less hurdles in airports. Nonetheless, it is not a crystal clear path and, if caught, you’re on the dropping aspect of the argument. If caught with a weed pen acquiring all of your documentation in hand might assistance you, like your doctor’s certification, your marijuana medical ID card, and your physician’s selection. Preferably, you’d be touring to a state with medical marijuana reciprocity.

Bottom line: if touring nationally with weed, the additional discreet you are the much better, and know that there is usually a degree of hazard, no issue how farfetched it could seem to be. When traveling internationally, really don’t do it. No make any difference the legal standing of the drug, jail time is a genuine risk and it is greatest to be as mindful as doable.