Medicinal Genomics Salmonella and STEC E. coli Multiplex Assay Certified by AOAC

Medicinal Genomics introduced right now that they have gained AOAC Global certification for their PathoSEEK® Salmonella and STEC E. coli multiplex assay. In blend with their SenSATIVAx® extraction kits, labs can concurrently detect Salmonella spp. and STEC E. coli with a solitary qPCR reaction for flower, concentrates and infused chocolates utilizing the Agilent AriaMx and the BioRad CFx-96 devices.

The certification arrived right after the multiplex assay was validated in accordance to the AOAC Effectiveness Examined Method Program. According to the push launch, the PathoSEEK platform now has much more cannabis matrices accredited for Aspergillus, Salmonella, and STEC E. coli than any other solution out on the market place, according to their press release.

The PathoSEEK microbiological tests platform makes use of a qPCR assay and inside plant DNA controls for reactions. The two-move protocol verifies effectiveness though detecting microbes, which allegedly can help lessen untrue detrimental success from human mistake or failing circumstances.

“AOAC’s validation of our Salmonella/STEC E. coli assay across the numerous hashish matrices is additional proof of our platform’s robustness and flexibility,” says Dr. Sherman Hom, director of regulatory affairs at Medicinal Genomics. “We are thrilled that our PathoSEEK® platform is going in concert with the FDA’s new blueprint to increase foodstuff protection by modernizing the regulatory framework, whilst leveraging the use of confirmed molecular resources to speed up predictive abilities, increase avoidance, and greatly enhance our capability to swiftly adapt to pathogen outbreaks that could affect consumer protection.”