How The DEA Is Helping Parents Decode Emojis Used To Discuss Drugs

As a approach of battling back again towards overdose fatalities, the DEA just lately began the “One Tablet Can Kill” campaign. The driving supply of enthusiasm driving the new marketing campaign is to present an option for the media, moms and dads, lecturers, educators, and group organizations to increase recognition about counterfeit prescription medicines.

As aspect of the marketing campaign, the DEA is helping to instruct mom and dad symptoms to enjoy for that can assist them reveal when their children are talking about illegal drug use. If the level of the system is to instruct the mentors of teens and younger older people the coded language they use to go over drugs, then it would make comprehensive perception why emojis would be one of the program’s core  focuses.

Right here are some essential takeaways about the DEA’s conclusions concerning the way emojis are made use of to examine medication among teens and youthful grownups.

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When Emojis Are Most Often Applied For Depicting Drug Use

The fact that emojis are employed to depict unique styles of medication and steps possible is not a great deal of a shock to most men and women. Still, it may well come as a surprise to see just how numerous unique sorts of pursuits linked to drug use can be depicted solely using emojis.

For occasion, according to a graphic shared by the DEA, emojis are employed to depict all sorts of drugs from meth to cannabis. There are also emojis that depict the efficiency amounts of medication, like bombs or flames together with some that are shared just for the objective of dealer marketing like plugs or stacks of money. 

Platforms The place Emoji Use Is Frequent

Understanding what emojis are utilized for the goal of depicting drug use is useful, but that insight is restricted. The only way this perception can be leveraged is by realizing what mediums teenagers are applying to examine drug use.

According to the DEA, the platforms range from prolonged-standing entertainment platforms like YouTube to newer social media platforms like TikTok. The most broadly utilized platform for prison drug network activities is Snapchat,  adopted by Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Some examples of emojis that are typically made use of on these platforms that may depict drug use include things like the P Button emoji, to represent Percocet, or the 8 ball, which is utilised to refer to cocaine. 

Evident Omissions By The DEA

It would be tough to miss out on out on the clear ones like a tree which means cannabis or a mushroom emoji depicting shrooms. That remaining claimed, it’s rather surprising that some of the considerably less noticeable, continue to extensively made use of emojis like a fuel container which depicts significant potency cannabis or the eyeball emoji for should see goods that are staying advertised.

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A different oversight from the DEA’s powerpoint is the use of the Canadian maple leaf as a universal signal for drug use. Just one could be still left to wonder what our neighbors to the north think of the DEA perplexing the emblem of their flag for a pot leaf.

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Even although the checklist of emojis isn’t an exhaustive just one, it’s interesting to see that the DEA pays interest to the way prescription drugs are talked about, even digitally. Due to the fact the book is out on the truth that the DEA is seeing, it is reasonable to dilemma if drug sellers and their customers will get things offline in the near foreseeable future like back again in the previous days.