How Many Times Can You Get COVID-19? Here’s What Experts Know

Two several years into the pandemic and a substantial proportion of the globe has been contaminated with COVID-19. In the U.S, the most new studies show that pretty much 60% of persons have experienced earlier infections. As states jump back again into COVID-19 high alerts, the likelihood of reinfection becomes all the more likely. But how numerous times can you have COVID?

Which is a challenging concern to remedy, but there are a number of issues authorities have figured out about the virus in excess of the past couple of many years.

The New York Publish spoke with infectious condition qualified Dr. Michael Phillips, who furnished some context and responses regarding COVID-19 reinfections. When there’s no way of knowing how quite a few instances a human being can get Covid, people today who ended up infected with Omicron seem to have much less protection than those people who were being contaminated with prior variants, like Delta.

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The New York Situations spoke with a assortment of professionals, who surmised that Omicron developed a entire new established of challenges, disrupting what people today understood about the virus and its abilities for reinfections. Before the variant existed, industry experts considered that vaccines and normal infections would get rid of the virus off normally. Now, the scenario is hard to forecast, given that Omicron has developed to dodge immunity.

“But luckily, the broad the vast majority of men and women [who] get the an infection tend to recuperate without the need of way too lots of troubles,” points out Dr. Phillips, this means that when the subvariants that are circulating are hugely contagious, they’re not likely a higher possibility for the the greater part of the population furnished they are vaccinated. The problem with this issue and with the lax mentality that most states and nations around the world have adopted is the unpredictability of these new batches of reinfections. A significant proportion of people today will be wonderful, but all those who are in excess of a certain age or have comorbidities to contend with stand on significantly shakier ground.

While our expertise of the virus implies that receiving reinfected with the very same variant is not likely, industry experts make it clear that it’s doable, in particular if the particular person isn’t vaccinated, and in particular now that there are Omicron subvariants in circulation.

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And lastly, when addressing safety from a COVID an infection, Dr. Phillips described that the typical immune technique can combat off COVID reinfection for three to five months after the former round. Just after 6 months you can expect COVID antibodies to have waned noticeably.

He reiterates the importance of vaccines considering the fact that these avert powerful bacterial infections and assistance hold the virus underneath regulate. Though reinfection just cannot be wholly dominated out, vaccines and boosters are the most productive way of reaching a level wherever the virus becomes endemic and it is not as big of a threat for people with deal with all varieties of circumstances.