HolistaPet Reviews – Best Organic CBD Pet Products in 2021?

HolistaPet Reviews – Best Organic CBD Pet Products in 2021?

holistapet reviews

HolistaPet Reviews

Holistapet reviews show that most pet owners are concerned about the safety of their pet’s skin when using Holi pet products. Holi is an Indian celebration of love, happiness and good health for all. Holi is not just about colors and adding spices to food; it is also a time to give thanks to the various deities that have blessed our lives. And one of the many natural ingredients that make up Holi is Bhringaraj, a traditional ayurvedic oil that helps to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit.

Many of the ingredients used in Holi are very similar to Ayurvedic treatments and Holi is sometimes equated with Holi tinctures or oils, since many of the ingredients used in Holi are also used in Ayurvedic treatments. The difference lies in the source. Ayurvedic treatment involves the use of plants and herbs rather than synthetic drugs; this makes Holi more therapeutic than medicinal. Many Holistapet reviews note that most of the pet owners that have used Holi treats and products do not report any side effects, but they do note that these natural treats do cause some calming effects on the animal, which may help alleviate some of the anxiety that pets can experience during Holi.

Besides Bhringaraj, there are other ingredients that are believed to be beneficial in easing the symptoms of anxiety in pets. One of the best known is ginger. Like Ayurvedic medicine, ginger has been used for centuries in India to treat various ailments. In Holi, it is said that ginger offers relief from nausea and vomiting. In addition, it reduces inflammation and blood clots as well, two additional symptoms that can be caused by the stress of the day.

Moreover, Ayurvedic medicine notes that ginger gives us the ability to think more rationally. This is helpful because, when a pet is sick, their thinking is often impaired. In addition, Ayurveda also notes that ginger gives us more endurance and makes our hair shiny and silky, three long-time pet owners’ complaints. The last four ingredients listed, or Amalaki and Tulsi, both of which are traditionally used in India, all suggest ways in which Holi can positively affect our pets. Both of them are antioxidants, and studies show that they help prevent cell damage and stimulate our immune systems.

With all of this said, it’s easy to see why people love Holi so much. Unfortunately, the only way we can really know if Holi products and ingredients are the best oil for us is by giving them a try. That’s why we find it comforting when we read that millions of people who use Holi to treat illness, have found great results. So, even if you’re not in the same position, you can feel confident that using a Holi superfood product will give you the same benefits that the traditional recipes give us.

For instance, one of the best oils for our pets is CBD oil. If you don’t already know, CBD is a plant-based chemical that has been shown to be very effective in treating some illnesses in both humans and animals. Holistic pet tincture includes CBD oil. When using Holistic Pet Tincture with Echinacea for Dogs, or with any other herbal blend, remember to use one drop for every six pounds of total body weight of your dog. If you don’t use one drop, there are no benefits.

The second most popular ingredient in Holistic Pet Tinctures for Pets is Cannabigerol, also known as CBG. Very similar to CBD, Cannabigerol is also derived from plants and is only available from certain licensed breeders. Some studies have shown that Cannabigerol may also help prevent certain types of cancer in animals. That’s why if you want the highest quality of medicine for your pets, make sure you buy them products from licensed breeders that specialize in using only the highest quality ingredients and Cannabigerol.

Last but not least, another ingredient commonly used in holistic Pet Tincture for Dogs is Phytessence Wakame, which is sourced from an exotic variety of kelp. Like Cannabigerol, Phytessence Wakame prevents the development of certain types of cancer and improves immune system function in animals. As with other ingredients, it’s important to buy only products that include Phytessence Wakame, as there are other ingredients in many Holistic Pet Tincture for Dogs that may cause problems. The most common problem is liver disease in dogs. However, if you’re careful, you should be able to find great products that treat the major disorders and symptoms of chronic pain in dogs, including inflammation and joint pain.

HolistaPet makes CBD products for cats and dogs.

The company is known for its soft chews, pet treats, and CBD oils, among other products. You can give your pet a tasty treat while providing them with the benefits of CBD oil.

Are HolistaPet CBD products worth the price? What’s the story with HolistaPet? Find out everything you need to know about this company today in our review.

What is HolistaPet?

HolistaPet is a CBD oil company found online at HolistaPet.com. As you may have guessed from the name, HolistaPet makes CBD products for pets, including cats, dogs, and horses.

HolistaPet isn’t your average CBD company: it’s one of the few CBD companies with a veterinary advisory board. The company has multiple board-certified veterinarians on its board. These veterinarians advise HolistaPet on its CBD oil products and formulations.

HolistaPet Reviews – Best Organic CBD Pet Products in 2021?

Here’s how the official HolistaPet website explains the company’s mission:

“At Holistapet, we strive to create natural remedies that help reduce the severity of your pet’s physical and mental ailments. Being pet owners ourselves, we agree that our pet’s health and wellness always comes first.”

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the products offered by this California-based CBD pet product company.

HolistaPet CBD Products

HolistaPet sells a range of CBD oils, treats, chews, and other products for dogs, cats, and horses.

You can buy everything from CBD Shampoo for Dogs to a multi-pack of dog or cat treats. They also offer pellets for horses, high-powered CBD oil for horses, and CBD products for other livestock.


Many of the company’s CBD products are flavored with salmon, peanut butter, and other familiar products. Your dog can eat tasty chews while enjoying the benefits of CBD. Other CBD products are unflavored, allowing you to easily add the CBD oil to your pet’s food or drink.


The company’s CBD products also have superfoods. Some of the dog treats contain turmeric, for example, because it’s linked to joint support. Others contain ingredients to calm your dog – like chamomile.


As with all CBD products, HolistaPet CBD products contain CBD exclusively: there’s no THC, nor are there any other psychoactive compounds. CBD is the non-psychoactive natural chemical within the cannabis plant linked to various benefits. Some studies show CBD reduces anxiety. Others show it supports inflammation. Some apply CBD topically to soothe aching joints. As research grows, we’re learning more about the benefits of CBD and how CBD works.


Why do pets need CBD? Well, cats and dogs have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) just like humans do. That means the endocannabinoid receptors in your cat or dog interact with CBD. Studies show that CBD provides it benefits by acting on these receptors. Although these benefits aren’t fully understood (especially in pets), some studies show it promotes various health and wellness benefits in cats and dogs.

HolistaPet CBD Products for Dogs

HolistaPet sells eight CBD products for dogs, including treats, CBD oils, shampoos, capsules, and more. Here’s a brief overview of each HolistaPet CBD product for dogs.


CBD Calming Chews for Dogs ($29.95): HolistaPet’s CBD calming chews for dogs contain 150mg of total CBD per container or 5mg of CBD in each calming chew. The chews come in a delicious peanut butter flavor. HolistaPet sources its CBD from broad-spectrum hemp extract. To support the benefits of CBD, HolistaPet also adds tryptophan (to build the neurotransmitter serotonin), choline chloride (to balance nerve signals), phosphatidylcholine (to improve brain function), and German chamomile (to calm brain activity). It’s like a nootropic and relaxation aid for your dog, containing similar ingredients to nootropics and sleep aids for humans.


CBD Dog Treats + Heart & Immune Care ($26.95 to $64.95): Available in blueberry or sweet potato flavors, HolistaPet’s CBD dog treats support heart and immune health with 5mg to 20mg of CBD per serving. You choose a different CBD dosage depending on the size of your dog. The largest size (600mg of CBD per package, 20mg per treat) is designed for dogs 60 to 100 pounds. The treats are organic and vegan, and filled with superfoods. In addition to CBD, the treats contain blueberries, flaxseed, and hemp seed powder, along with ingredients like rolled oats, molasses, cinnamon, and coconut oil for flavor.


CBD Dog Treats + Joint & Mobility Care ($26.95 to $64.95): Available in pumpkin and cinnamon flavor, HolistaPet’s CBD dog treats support joint and mobility using CBD turmeric, Boswellia serrata, and hemp seed powder, among other ingredients. Again, the ingredients are similar to what we see in joint pain supplements for humans. You can customize the CBD dosage based on your dog’s size, ranging from 150mg to 600mg of CBD per bag (5mg to 20mg of CBD per treat).


CBD Dog Treats + Stress & Anxiety Relief ($26.95 to $64.95): Available in green apple and peanut butter flavor, HolistaPet’s dog treats for stress and anxiety use the same dosage of CBD as the dog treats above, but with additional ingredients targeting anxiety. The dog treats contain 150mg to 600mg of CBD per serving (5mg to 20mg of CBD per treat) mixed with chamomile, L-theanine, and hemp seed powder to promote relief from stress and anxiety in your pet. If your dog is nervous or anxious, then HolistaPet claims its treats could help. They also recommend using the treats for environmental changes, loud noises, separation anxiety, social anxiety, and other common sources of anxiety in pets.


CBD Shampoo for Dogs ($32.95): With 200mg of CBD per bottle, HolistaPet’s CBD shampoo for dogs contains full spectrum CBD-infused shampoo suitable for all dog breeds. The shampoo is specifically designed to help with sensitive skin. It’s made in the United States and has a mandarin berry scent. In addition to CBD, the shampoo contains a soy-based conditioner. You wash your pet as you normally would, wetting the coat and massaging small amounts of shampoo, then rinsing.

HolistaPet CBD Products for Cats

HolistaPet offers CBD cat treats and catnip exclusively for cats, including:


CBD Cat Treats ($24.95): These cat treats are crunchy and come with a salmon flavor. They contain full-spectrum CBD and other cannabinoids. Each treat comes with 2mg of CBD (150mg of total CBD per bag). There’s 0% THC, which means your cat won’t get high off the treats: your cat will only get full-spectrum CBD. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in the cat treats.


Catnip Spray with CBD ($23.95): HolistaPet has infused a catnip spray with 20mg of nano CBD, which they claim is equivalent to a 100mg dose. Because it uses nanotechnology, the spray has smaller particles of CBD that may be easier for your cat to absorb. You spray the HolistaPet Catnip Spray with CBD directly onto toys, scratching posts, and other items.

HolistaPet CBD Products for Dogs & Cats

Some HolistaPet products are designed for both dogs and cats. The supplements that only contain CBD and full-spectrum hemp oil, for example, are equally suitable for dogs and cats. Just choose the dosage based on your pet’s size (150mg to 3,000mg of CBD per package), then buy CBD to support various benefits.


CBD Capsules for Dogs & Cats ($25.95 to $144.95): HolistaPet’s CBD capsules for dogs and cats are formulated with 100% natural ingredients. The bottle contains anywhere from 150mg to 3,000mg of CBD, depending on your desired serving size (and your pet’s weight). Each capsule contains hemp seed powder and cannabidiol to boost the immune system, promote a healthy skin and coat, and promote overall wellness, among other benefits of CBD for pets.


CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats ($25.95 to $144.95): HolistaPet’s CBD oil is similar to the capsules but in tincture form. You get full-spectrum CBD with 100% natural ingredients mixed into a convenient tincture with a dropper bottle. The formula contains hempseed oil and CBD oil to support your pet’s overall health and wellness, promote a healthy skin and coat, and boost immunity, among other benefits. Each bottle comes with 150mg to 3,000mg of CBD.

HolistaPet CBD Products for Horses

There’s some evidence CBD can help horses. HolistaPet makes a range of CBD products for horses. The products use full-spectrum CBD with other cannabinoids, 100% natural ingredients, and organic superfoods – all with no additives or preservatives. Because horses are larger, you can expect significantly higher doses of CBD (and higher price tags) in this category.


CBD Pellets for Horses ($39.95 to $419.95): HolistaPet’s CBD Pellets for Horses are made from full-spectrum CBD extract. They claim to support joints, reduce anxiety, promote healthy living, reduce pain, and support high performance in horses.


CBD Oil for Horses ($249.95): HolistaPet’s CBD oil for Horses contains 7,500mg of CBD per bottle. You can easily drop the formula directly into the horse’s mouth. Or, you can mix it with water and food. It’s formulated not just for horses but also for other livestock. Each serving contains hemp seed oil and CBD oil to promote overall wellness, boost the immune system, and promote a healthy skin and coat, among other effects.

HolistaPet CBD Product Bundles

HolistaPet offers a number of CBD product bundles, allowing you to group multiple items together to save. Available bundles include:


3 x CBD Dog Treats Multi-Pack ($72.76): Get all three HolistaPet CBD dog treats in one package at a discounted price. The bundle comes with one package: Stress & Anxiety, Joint & Mobility, and Heart & Immune dog treats. Each package comes with 150mg of CBD mixed with additional ingredients for targeted benefits.


1 x CBD Cat Treat + 1 x CBD Pet Tincture ($45.81): You get one bag of the CBD Cat Treats (salmon flavor) with 150mg of CBD, along with one bottle of HolistaPet’s CBD oil for cats and dogs.


3 x CBD Cat Treats ($67.36): Bundle three bags of CBD Cat Treats together (150mg per bag) to save money.


3 x Small CBD Pet Tinctures ($70.20): Receive 3 x CBD Pet Tinctures for your cat or dog at a discounted rate. Each bottle contains 150mg of CBD


1 x CBD Horse Pellets + 1 x CBD Oil Combo ($246.41 to $781.87): Get the two HolistaPet CBD products for horses in one affordable combination pack.

Subscribe & Save: HolistaPet lets you subscribe to receive automatic shipments of any of the products listed above, saving about 20% off your order.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs & Cats

You can find plenty of CBD products for pets. However, HolistaPet is one of the few companies that exclusively makes CBD for pets and has a veterinary advisory board.

Why should you give CBD to your cat or dog? What will HolistaPet’s CBD products do for your cat or dog?

HolistaPet has a lengthy blog post on the topic.

Just like humans, cats and dogs have an endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is found throughout the body. That endocannabinoid system has receptors, and CBD impacts these receptors for various benefits.

There have been few major studies analyzing CBD on cats and dogs. HolistaPet vaguely claims its products promote overall balance, although they’re hesitant to advertise specific health benefits.

However, HolistaPet claims that their CBD products can target all of the following areas of the brain for your cat or dog:

Cerebral Cortex: Influences memory, thinking, awareness, and consciousness.

Hypothalamus: Governs metabolic processes like appetite.

Amygdala: Influences emotions and emotional responses.

Hippocampus: Crucial for memory storage and recall.

Basal Ganglia: Governs motor skills and learning.

Cerebellum: Governs coordination and muscle control.

Brain Stem: Controls basic functions like your vomiting reflex, blood pressure, and heart rate. It also influences pain, muscle tone, movements, and more.

HolistaPet’s CBD products work because, like other CBD products, they target the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in your pet’s endocannabinoid system.

Studies in humans show that targeting CB1 and CB2 receptors can affect inflammation, anxiety, and countless other physical and cognitive symptoms. It’s possible HolistaPet’s CBD products provide similar benefits in pets.

HolistaPet also sells CBD products for horses. Some studies show that CBD regulates stress, anxiety, and mood in horses. Others use it for inflammation. Some claim CBD targets mild restless or agitation in horses. Some claim it targets gastrointestinal dysfunction. As with cats and dogs, few studies have analyzed the effect of CBD on horses. However, you can find many CBD products for hoses sold online today.


HolistaPet Refund Policy

HolistaPet backs its products with a 30-day refund policy.

If you and your pets aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, then you are entitled to a complete refund within 30 days. The company also offers a 15-day grace period on top of the 30-day window, effectively turning it into a 45-day refund window.

To initiate the refund process, visit this page: https://www.holistapet.com/refund-policy/


About HolistaPet

HolistaPet is headquartered in Commerce, California. The company publish its certificates of analysis (CoAs) from third-party labs, allowing you to verify the amount of CBD and the purity of the CBD in each product. You can view the certificates of analysis for all HolistaPet products here.

HolistaPet’s veterinary advisory team includes Dr. Carine Laporte (a board-certified veterinary dermatologist), Dr. Chris Reeder), a board-certified veterinary dermatologist), Dr. Natasha Olby (a neurologist with a veterinary degree), and other veterinary professionals. These doctors advise HolistaPet on its formulas and ingredients.

You can contact HolistaPet via the following:

Email: support@holistapet.com

Phone: (818) 330-3968

Mailing Address: 7250 Bandini Blvd #110 Commerce, CA 90040

HolistaPet sources its hemp from farms in Colorado.

Final Word

HolistaPet is a CBD company for cats, dogs, horses, and other pets. You can buy CBD oils, CBD treats, horse pellets, and other products from the company, then give them to your dog to support various benefits.

Despite making CBD products for pets, HolistaPet has better quality standards than many CBD companies for humans. The company’s CBD products are made from full-spectrum CBD and use no artificial ingredients or flavors. Third-party labs also test them to prove their purity and potency.

To learn more about HolistaPet’s CBD products or to buy online today, visit HolistaPet.com.

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