Heirloom Pet Products Adds New Distribution Partner | Industry News

To keep on their explosive growth serving pet specialty retailers and their shoppers across the United states,  Heirloom Pet Products forms a new distribution partnership with Rio Grande Service Heart, which will be symbolizing Heirloom Pet Goods across Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and El Paso, TX. 

“Rio Grande Service Heart is a great companion for Heirloom Pet Products, as they genuinely recognize and value our new method to shake up the pet CBD market by way of our more quickly-acting and far more efficient delivery as a result of organically-developed, drinking water-soluble wide spectrum hemp items. Rio Grande’s retailer partners (and their buyers) in the Southwest area and over and above of the U.S.A. will advantage from a wonderful assortment of hugely-effective, balanced methods,” states Jason Lysak, founder and CEO of Heirloom Pet Merchandise. “Partners like Rio Grande are vital for our continued advancement in get to enable teach impartial suppliers on the new standard of CBD for pets so they can move together the advantages to the pets and pet-loving customers that they serve.”