Forgo The Wake And Bake — And 4 Other Cannabis Productivity Hacks

I not too long ago experienced to end cigarette smoking weed to go on an Ayahuasca ceremony a week or so again. Though I’m not a hardcore “stoner” any longer, I have been smoking cannabis continuously for decades now. If I was thrown in entrance of a decide in a drug court docket, they’d almost certainly say I have “marijuana use disorder” or some thing of the sorts due to my frequency of use, but during that week I recognized that, “no, I’m not addicted to cannabis”.

Guaranteed, I appreciate smoking hashish usually, but when it came to stopping for a 7 days, I definitely did not have an issue. It didn’t negatively influence my sleep or temper, nor my hunger. I guess, I am 1 of the privileged kinds who can eat hashish with out receiving addicted.

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Nevertheless, with my 7 days of abstinence I learned a couple of matters in relation to my own productiveness. One particular point that I am continuing these times that has assisted me realize a major quantity extra in my day to day things to do.

Right now, I’m going to be sharing a couple of productivity hacks for the productive cannabis buyers out there.

While I don’t smoke a ton of pot these times — at minimum when evaluating to how I utilized to smoke — the Wake-n-Bake has been a staple for me for quite a few a long time. I love waking up in the morning, obtaining some espresso, meditating and possibly accomplishing some breath operate just before toking up. Confident, that’s not technically a wake-n-bake, but contemplating that I wake up at 5:30 a.m. every single day, I’m toking up by 6:30.

Currently, even so, my have to have for morning tokes have waned due to the fact of the breath work and meditation and with the current undertaking into the Ayhuasca ceremony, it authorized me to reassess my romantic relationship with hashish.

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For the 7 days foremost up to the ceremony, I was to abstain from several things — a single staying cigarette smoking marijuana. This, as I experienced talked about before, did not bring about me any substantial irritation. It was only a selection, “okay, never smoke weed” and my entire body and brain adopted match.

Although I was focusing on the ceremony around the weekend, I realized that there was a good deal of issues “pending” that had to be finished and being the “sober” variation of myself, I obtained to it.

The whole week, I felt that I was more productive — perhaps a tiny a lot more stressed, but extra effective overall.

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When I arrived again soon after the ceremony, I made the decision to only smoke cannabis at night time. No extended would I consume cannabis [at least for the week] in the hopes of replicating the efficiency of the 7 days previously.

How Cannabis Can Help You Take Your Meditation Practice To The Next Level

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Soon after a handful of times, I was having fun with the night toke significantly additional than I was enjoying the early morning toke. I understood, that this change in actions permitted me to access optimum stages of efficiency whilst nonetheless acquiring the rewards of consuming hashish.

Which is a acquire suitable there!

So below are a number of ideas I wish to share with any person interested in boosting their productiveness even though preserving a typical cannabis practice.

Forgo the Wake N Bake

The name of the title and the inspiration to this piece, it does miracles. Hashish relaxes you, and sometimes you really don’t need to have to be relaxed. In some cases you want a little pressure to motivate you. You regulate the pressure at the finish of the day.

Your prize toke

At the stop of the day, when you are finished with all the hustle, reaching for a quality toke is the most effective. You can experience all the stress melt away, clearing your mind, allowing you to concentration on other matters for a moment.

quiz dont be that toker test your cannabis etiquette before imbibing

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Program your working day the night in advance of

While not hashish connected, generating a rough define of your future day can help you stay on monitor.

If you ought to smoke, toke sensibly

Some men and women, like my wife for case in point, use hashish for professional medical applications. If you require to eat cannabis to reduce some symptom, then that is the productiveness enhancer suitable there. In my circumstance, I never have persistent suffering or stress or stress. I use cannabis as a stimulant to shift my point of view and occur up with an infinite vault of articles pouring out of my brain. I use it to assistance me compose new songs or literature. Having said that, if you’re making use of it for clinical reasons and it’s suppressing a symptom of discomfort, then take in only till the symptom subsides and proceed about your working day.

How To Smoke Marijuana Without Rolling A Joint

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Make a listing, cross out duties

You are going to want to have a tiny notepad on hand. There’s something about bodily crossing out duties that just gives an additional feeling of “accomplishments.” Of system, most people have phones and that performs much too, but the modest notepad is a private touch that will help me keep on monitor a bit much more. If you want to use your telephone, a activity supervisor is a good way to keep on monitor and optimize your time.

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Cannabis can be a deterrent in terms of productiveness. We have to be straightforward about that. If you get a bong rip each early morning, you are not remaining 100% as successful as you can be. This may possibly be okay, maybe productiveness isn’t your main issue. If which is the scenario, I am no one to convey to you to not chill-on as you are executing.

Nevertheless, if you are smoking cannabis and desire to be a little bit much more successful, I propose attempting any one of the factors I talked about. The worst that can transpire is nothing. The best that can come about is you grow to be extra productive.

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