Eighth Icon Rebrands as Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis Company

Eighth Icon Holdings announced in a September 13 press release that it altered its title to Cheech and Chong’s Hashish Organization, powerful instantly. Consolidating the identify with the comedy duo’s iconic model aligns with the company’s mission.

The organization formerly recognized as Eighth Icon provides Tommy Chong’s Cannabis and Cheech’s Stash wholesale flower brand names in California—with plans to continue that momentum. Being in procedure for considerably less than a yr, the firm lately redirected its web-site to Cheech And Chong’s Hashish.

“Our team is well prepared for the challenge and fully commited to symbolizing Cheech and Chong’s hashish throughout the United States and about the planet. This title adjust will allow for apparent illustration of what our company is executing,” Eighth Icon CEO Jonathan Black said.

By now, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong have had time to refine and develop their products and solutions, with a head get started of numerous a long time prior to most other hashish manufacturers.

“Excited to see the progression of the firm, timing is proper!” Tommy Chong explained. You can come across just about any form of THC or CBD-infused solutions below Chong’s strains of hashish and hemp solutions. Tommy Chong’s Hashish the latest new additions include things like CBD Gummies, growing the brand’s demographic. Chong introduced his manufacturer quite a few years ahead of the avalanche of new superstar brand names to pop up.

The company supplies leading-of-the-line assistance. On the web page, for occasion, you can find a tracker to locate which dispensaries have the individual models.

Marin gave a refined nod to the latest actions ahead these kinds of as the Hashish Administration and Opportunity Act, adding, “As we shift in direction of federal legalization, the new identify reflects our mission and progress designed.”

“Along with the name improve, we are very pleased to announce we have also shut our first round of funding,” said President and Chairman of the Board, Danny Keith.

The organization is also at the rear of Cheech and Chong’s Takeout, as well as Cheech and Chong’s Dispensoria—providing shipping and delivery encounters. Cheech and Chong’s Dispensoria was formulated by Eight Icon last 12 months, and Cheech and Chong’s Takeout was formulated amid a sudden have to have for far more shipping possibilities through the pandemic.

Browse Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis blog to discover about long term updates concerning the brand name.

In an interview with Cheddar very last 12 months, Chong announced a partnership with 5 Level Holdings and large strategies to open up “Cheech & Chong dispensaries all around the planet.”

Cheech and Chong’s Hashish is a Household Affair

The drive to provide pot is nothing new for Chong—as it was the crucial theme of his comedy duo device that led him to increase to fame in the first position. The duo liked a string on consecutive Gold comedy albums commencing with 1971’s Cheech and Chong. Chong informed Rolling Stone that he’s gotten “high with each individual Beatle other than Paul.” The duo participated in standard interviews with Substantial Moments about the decades, beginning in the ‘70s. That exact same calendar year, his developments in cannabis goods ended up marching forward.

In 2015, in advance of most other famous people had jumped on the bandwagon, Tommy Chong introduced Chong’s Choice with his son Paris. Not like other individuals to enter the industry—it was a life time determination for the comedic duo. Chong’s spouse Shelby sits on the organization board of Cheech and Chong’s Hashish in an executive role.

Marin also took a relatives-oriented solution to the cannabis enterprise. He was joined by his daughter Jasmine, and son Joey-Dee to individually pick out strains and perform with grasp growers to sustainably generate an all organic selection of high quality hashish merchandise.

Chong survived two most cancers battles, but that only bolstered his beliefs of the optimistic medical advantages from cannabis.