Does Omicron Cause Loss Of Smell And Taste? Here’s What A New Study Says

One of the strangest and most concerning signs or symptoms of COVID-19 is the loss of style and smell. This symptom, which can previous for weeks to months, has grow to be a single of the disease’s most notorious conditions. Does the Omicron variant trigger this issue?

A review conducted by the Health and fitness Stability Agency in the Uk observed that only 13% of persons with Omicron documented a reduction of sense of smell or flavor. When the Delta variant was working rampant, 34% of men and women documented these signs. The study found that the most widespread symptoms of Omicron were a runny nose, headache, tiredness, sneezing, and a sore throat.

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The increase of the Omicron variant has been swift, with instances in South Africa, the place where by the variant was initial learned, mounting from 300 a day to 3,000 within just a few of months just after the variant was initial noticed previous November. However, as far more info appeared, scientists observed that folks tended to practical experience milder scenarios of the illness. Although they ongoing to expertise tiredness and fever, there were also much less experiences of loss of taste and smell.

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The visual appearance of new variants is not a shocking issue. While it is comprehensible to stress with every single new wave, Omicron won’t probably be the final wave we see, especially due to the fact there are COVID-19 outbreaks in sites all over the world. Even though there is even now a ton we don’t know about it, more and far more evidence implies that it’s a departure from the variants we have found in the previous. Though you may get rid of your sense of flavor and odor, it would seem like the odds are lessen than they were before.

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Receiving the vaccine is the clearest way of remaining secured from COVID-19. Finding the booster shot as before long as you’re able to is also an productive way of remaining secure and of continuing with your usual lifestyle. If infected with the virus, a vaccine and a booster will boost your odds of obtaining a gentle disorder and avoiding hospitalization.

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Aside from that, social distancing practices are the future very best thing in phrases of keeping safe donning your surgical or KN95 masks and holding monitor of the COVID-19 circumstances in your space will enable you have some peace of head and notify you of what is protected or unsafe in your condition.